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By Cere

Chapter 2: Journey's Beginning

              Lightning forked in the distance, and thunder crashed loudly. Link stood in the downpour, staring at the structure in front of him. Thick walls rose high in front of him, and a castle towered in the distance. The setting was all too familiar.
              The sequence of events repeated. The drawbridge lowered and clanked into place on the ground. The sound of hooves was coming closer, and a horse appeared in the mist. It was carrying two riders, a young girl and an older woman. They rushed past him, the girl staring at him, as if wanting to tell him something.
              As the horse disappeared into the distance, another appeared from behind the wall. It was a black horse and carried a man in black armor. Link watched in shock as the horse reared and the man glared at the boy.
              To Link's surprise, another figure appeared. A black, stick-like creature walked out of the gate. It's red eyes bored into Link's head. The man in armor and the creature moved side-by-side to attack Link.
              He woke with a start, the dream still fresh in his mind. He had been having that dream often lately. It was always the same, but the strange black creature was new this time. What does it mean? he wondered.
              He was brought out of his thoughts by a light that was moving around him. With a shock, he realized that it was a fairy! Had a fairy come to him at last?
              "Hi, Link!" the fairy said enthusiastically. "I'm Navi, and I'll be your partner from now on!"
              "The Great Deku Tree finally gave me a fairy?" he asked with astonishment.
              "That's right," she replied. "Speaking of which, the Great Deku Tree has summoned you! I'm supposed to bring you there immediately!"
              "Awesome!" Link said. The dream was pushed from his mind. This was his lucky day!
              He walked out of the door and looked around at Kokiri Forest. The forest was active with the early-morning bustle of children getting ready for the upcoming day. Link saw Saria running towards him. He waved and climbed down from his treehouse to greet her.
              "Hi, Link!" Saria said, coming to a stop before him. She gasped and put a hand over her mouth. "Oh, Link, is that a fairy?"
              "It sure is," Link said proudly.
              "I'm Navi!" Navi exclaimed.
              "Nice to meet you," Saria said. She followed the floating ball of light for a while, then turned to look at Link. "Isn't this great? You have a fairy now!"
              "We'd love to stay and chat," Navi chimed in, "but we have to see the Great Deku Tree."
              "The Great Deku Tree has summoned you?" Saria asked. This seemed to be too much to take. "This certainly looks to be a very big day for you!"
              "I know," Link said, starting to walk away. "I'll talk to you later!"
              "Bye!" Saria said.
              Link turned and started walking through their village to where the Great Deku Tree lived. He talked to children as he passed, thanking them for their comments of congratulations.
              "Navi," he said after a particularly long conversation, "just what does the Great Deku Tree want me for?"
              "I'm not exactly sure," she replied. "It probably has something to do with…"
              "With what?" Link asked when she wouldn't finish.
              "Nothing," Navi said. "I'm sure that if the Great Deku Tree wants you to know, he'll tell you. Look, we're almost there!"
              "Oh, no," Link said. Someone was standing in front of the entrance. "Hello, Mido."
              "Well, hi, Mr. No-Fairy," Mido sneered. "What do you think you're doing?"
              "I'm going to see the Great Deku Tree," Link answered, keeping the anger out of his voice.
              "You, see the Great Deku Tree?" Mido said, then burst out laughing. "The Great Deku Tree does not want to be bothered by fairyless boys like you."
              "Hey, leave him alone!" Navi shouted. "The Great Deku Tree summoned him!"
              Mido stopped laughing and looked at the fairy. "Well, what do we have here?"
              "I'm Navi," she said, "and I'm Link's fairy!"
              Mido's expression became serious. "Well," he said, "I've got to hand it to you." He nodded his head, as if reassessing what he thought of Link. "It's pretty hard to fool the Great Deku Tree into giving a boy a fairy!"
              Link growled as Mido laughed in his face. "Knock it off," Link said, and started to walk around Mido.
              "Wait a minute," Mido said, and moved back in front of Link. "Where do you think you're going?"
              "Like my fairy said," Navi said. "The Great Deku Tree summoned me."
              "Summoned you?" Mido asked with disbelief. "Why would the Great Deku Tree summon you and not me? I don't believe it."
              "Just let me through," Link said with exasperation.
              "I can't," Mido said. "I'm guarding the Great Deku Tree and cannot allow you to pass."
              "You're guarding the Great Deku Tree?" Navi asked. "Did he ask you to do that?"
              "…no," said Mido, "but I'm sure he'll be very pleased with me for doing so."
              Link tried to sneak around Mido but he noticed and jumped in front of him. "Oh no, you don't," Mido said, and raised his fists. "The only way to the Great Deku Tree is through me."
              Link saw no traces of playfulness on Mido's face. He meant it. Link sighed and walked away.
              "Are you going to let him boss you around?" Navi asked once they were out of hearing range.
              "I can't fight Mido," Link said. "I've done it before and lost."
              Navi looked Link over, as if seeing him for the first time. "You're very unequipped," she said. "I can't believe I didn't notice it before. You'll need some more gear before you can tackle the tasks ahead of you."
              "What do you mean?" Link asked.
              "Just follow me," Navi said, and started flying away. Link hurried to catch up to her.

              The desert winds howled outside. Ganondorf slammed shut the door to his study, draped his traveling cloak on a wooden peg, and sat heavily into his chair. He paused with his hand to his chin, thinking about something, then turned to the map on his desk.
              It was a map of Hyrule. It was very fine quality, and made by Ganondorf himself. He had discovered many secrets about Hyrule. Being he was the King of Thieves, it was his duty to.
              It had been hard work, but it was necessary in his quest to obtain the Triforce. He had spent many nights pouring over ancient texts and faded scrolls. But all that work had paid off, and Ganondorf had finally discovered the steps to reaching the Sacred Realm.
              His eyes roamed around the map's shapes and symbols. There was Kokiri Forest, the resting place of the Kokiri's Emerald. It was held by the Great Deku Tree, but not for much longer. He had planted a Gohma inside it, and it would only be a matter of time before the creature devoured the tree's life force.
              And there was Death Mountain, home of the Gorons and the Goron's Ruby. His evil magic had caused many Dodongos to rise in the Dodongo's Cavern, and he himself had placed a boulder in front of the entrance. The Gorons would soon starve to death, leaving the Stone to be his for the taking.
              Zora's Domain contained the last Spiritual Stone, the Zora's Sapphire. His evil creatures had driven their Lord Jabu-Jabu berserk and caused the giant fish to swallow the guardian of the Spiritual Stone. After he had picked up the other two stones, he would easily retrieve the third one.
              But the final piece necessary for obtaining the Triforce lay in Hyrule Castle. The Ocarina of Time, the instrument capable of bending time itself, was held by some member of the Royal Family. Which member, he was not certain, but his trip to the Castle tomorrow would tell him.
              A noise sounded behind him. Ganondorf quickly turned and saw a strange creature standing across the room. He shouted and fired a blast of energy at the thing, making it retreat into the back of the room.
              "Do not harm me, master!" it exclaimed. "I come in peace!"
              Master? Ganondorf examined the strange creature. It was black and very thin, looking as though it were made of sticks. Its height was that of a tall man. Red eyes burned from its head, but no other facial features could be seen. An aura of evil seemed to come from the thing, and it intrigued him. "Who are you?" he asked.
              It stood up and bowed. "Vindari at your service," it said.
              Vindari? The name was not familiar. "Have we met before?" Ganondorf asked.
              "In a sense," Vindari said, straightening back up to talk face-to-face. "I come from your future. I was your most evil creation, able to leap across time and space. Unfortunately, you made me shortly before you met your demise."
              "My demise," Ganondorf said.
              "At the hands of a boy," Vindari explained.
              "This is preposterous," Ganondorf said.
              "I know it is hard to believe," Vindari continued, "but it is true. That is why I have come back here, to help you succeed this time."
              "What makes me think I can trust you?" Ganondorf asked. He liked this monster, but he was wary of it.
              "You created me," it said, "gave me life. I have nothing but undying devotion to you, my master." The creature blinked its searing crimson eyes. "But if that does not sway you, then perhaps I can tell you that a rebellion is brewing in your ranks."
              "Among my Gerudo army?" he asked.
              Vindari walked to the table in the center of the room and pointed at a room on the map of the Gerudo Fortress. "They are meeting in that room as we speak."
              Ganondorf frowned. At least this could be easily proven. He reached into a cage and brought out a Keese. The bat flapped its wings and settled on Ganondorf's hand.
              "Go to that room," he said, indicating at the map. "See what is going on there."
              The Keese took off and flew out the door. Ganondorf watched it leave and then turned to face Vindari. "So, then," he said, "what happens in the future?"
              "The boy, Link," Vindari said, "retrieves the Spiritual Stones for you by breaking your curses. When he goes to enter the Sacred Realm, you sneak past him and get the Triforce first. Unfortunately, it breaks under your unworthy hands."
              "What?!" Ganondorf shouted, enraged.
              Vindari shrank back. "I am sorry, master, but it's the truth. You get the Triforce of Power, while the other two Triforces went to two other people. You must find the other Triforces and unite them to get your ultimate wish.
              "The Triforce of Power is no small bauble, though. With its power, you are able to conquer Hyrule. However, after seven years, Link returns and awakens the Sages so they can seal you in the Sacred Realm."
              "I do not like that story," Ganondorf growled.
              "Neither do I," said Vindari. "That's why I'm trying to change it."
              They were interrupted by the returning Keese. It fluttered onto Ganondorf's shoulder and chattered into his ear. Ganondorf nodded, his expression unchanged. However, Vindari could see that his attitude was much more acceptant.
              "It seems I was wrong about you," he said, returning the Keese to its cage. "You were correct, and if your story is to be believed, then we have much work to do."
              Though he couldn't see it, Ganondorf could sense that Vindari was smiling. "I have a plan all ready, my master."

              Link strode confidently towards the corridor to the Great Deku Tree. He and Navi has searched high and low around the forest, and Link now had the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. He was prepared to take on Mido.
              Mido watched Link as he approached, an expression of contempt on his face. That expression changed when he saw what Link was carrying.
              "Now," Link said, "I want to see the Great Deku Tree."
              Mido stared speechless at Link's weapons. He grumbled, but finally sulked out of the way. Link started walking down the corridor. "Even with those weapons," Mido shouted after him, "a wimp is still a wimp!"
              "Has he always been this nice?" Navi asked.
              "Just be glad you haven't had to put up with him for your whole life," Link answered.
              He walked around a bend in the corridor and was startled when two plants sprung up in front of him. Link drew his sword, but Navi flashed in front of his face. "Don't!" she said urgently. "Those are Deku Babas, and they guard the Great Deku Tree. If they sense your intentions are good, they will let you past."
              Link warily put away his sword and walked up to the Babas. They snapped their jaws a couple times, then seemed to relax and turned away from him. Link quickly walked past them. He gave one last glance to the Babas, then walked around the corner.
              His breath was taken away as he saw the gigantic tree in the middle of the clearing. "Great Deku Tree," Navi called, "I'm back!"
              "Thou hast done well, Navi," the Great Deku Tree said.
              "Thank you," Navi said bashfully.
              "And thou, young Link," the Great Deku Tree said, "art thou prepared for thy troubles ahead?"
              "Troubles?" Link asked.
              "The time has come to take thy place in destiny," the Great Deku Tree continued. "It is a shame I cannot tell you more, but time is short. A horrible curse has been placed upon me. You must destroy that curse, or I shall perish."
              The Great Deku Tree die? And he was supposed to help? It sounded like one of his adventure games with Saria. This was all going too fast for him. "Are you serious?" Link asked.
              "I wish I were not," the Great Deku Tree said. "Now, thou must hurry. Navi, also. She shall be thy companion in troubles ahead. She will help you greatly."
              "C'mon, Link!" Navi said cheerfully. "This is the adventure you've been waiting for!"
              Link took a deep breath. This was an awful lot to take in all at once. Still, the Great Deku Tree was asking his help, and he had always dreamed of going on an adventure.
              "Okay," he said, "Let's do it."
              "Good!" the Great Deku Tree said. A gap started opening in the Tree's base. It left a large black entryway. "Enter, Link, and may thy courage be thy guide."
              "Here we go!" Navi shouted as they quickly hurried inside the ancient tree, little imagining what great perils would lie ahead.


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