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Note: This story parallels events in Ocarina of Time. Therefore, many spoilers are ahead. You have been warned! Also, dungeons in this story will not be true to the dungeons in the game. Addition, deletions, and other changes have been made to help the story flow.

By Cere

Chapter 1: Prelude

              Darkness. It was what Ganondorf like best. He pondered this as he descended through the dark passages of his tower. This tower symbolized his power. The dark, menacing structure had been built shortly after he had obtained the Triforce of Power and destroyed Castle Town. From then on, his army of evil had spread to take over all of Hyrule. His dark minions overshadowed the whole kingdom, and nothing could stop him!
              But this boy, Link, troubled him. He had rampaged through all the Temples and defeated the dark monsters Ganondorf had put there. Because of the boy, the Sages were awakening! A recent report told him that Link was supposedly on his way to Ganon's Tower right now in an attempt to end his reign!
              Ganondorf laughed. Let the boy come! He could never defeat the holder of the Triforce of Power. Ganondorf would surely triumph. The boy was merely coming to his death.
              Ganondorf came to the door he wanted. He opened it and entered the dark room. Not a single ray of light entered this room. Ganondorf stood still and watched as something shifted in the darkness, a shadow among shadows. He walked up to the bars of the cage and peered in at the creature inside.
              It was Ganondorf's best creation, his most devious monster. It was still young, only a few weeks old, but when it matured, it would be a most formidable opponent. For this creature had the ability to warp time, and could instantly transport to any place or time. All the powers of darkness were at its command!
              Ganondorf walked back to the door and turned back before leaving. "Good night, Vindari," he said, "my most wonderful creation." Then he turned and left the room.
              Ah, what to do now, he wondered. Perhaps I should play the organ while I prepare for Link's arrival. The Princess always hates it when I do that. He swiftly left for the top of the tower.

              Vindari crouched in the darkness, the beloved darkness. Thoughts wandered aimlessly through his mind. He always loved it when Ganondorf visited him. An aura of evil flowed from his creator. Vindari found it most pleasing.
              His thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling sound. The room was shaking! He crouched further into the darkness as stone started to fall from the ceiling. Two fallen stones provided a protective arch, and Vindari hid under it. Rock rained from above and the sound was deafening. Dust flew up in large gray clouds. He huddled in fright as the tower collapsed around him.
              When the noise finally stopped, Vindari peeked out from under his arch. There was nothing left of the tower! It was all flattened! Vindari looked around and noticed two people fighting. One of them was wearing strange green clothes and had a fairy hovering around him. The other was large and monstrous, but Vindari recognized it as his creator. The two fought until the green man plunged his sword into the creator. A third person, a woman, shone a bright light on the creator and he vanished.
              Vindari was confused and frightened. A cold wind blew around the remains of the tower. Not knowing anywhere else to go, he jumped outside of time. It was the only place he felt safe, because no one could reach him here.
              He huddled in his dark sanctuary. Time streams ran all around him. He looked at them and tried to figure out what had happened. He saw the green man, whose name was Link. He saw Link traveling around and defeating his fellow monsters. Worst of all, he saw Link defeating his creator.
              Vindari felt a surge of anger. Link had destroyed his creator! In that moment, Vindari vowed revenge. He would do whatever he could to avenge his creator's defeat.
              He started to lay out a plan. He would stay here in his sanctuary for a while, so he could develop the strength that he needed. When he was at full power, he would jump back in time and help his creator defeat this Link. He would have his revenge!

              The woman raced blindly across the plain. Her horse was wheezing underneath her, but she paid no attention. The roar of the battle still raged behind her. She had to get as far away from that roar as possible.
              She looked down at the baby in her arms and felt a fresh stab of pain in her side. She had not escaped unscathed. Blood flowed freely from the wound in her side. She was not sure if she could make it. But it didn't matter, as long as she got the baby to safety.
              The horse finally couldn't go any further. He stumbled over a tree root and fell hard to the ground. The bundle in her arms flew out and fell into the soft grass. Link! She pushed herself up using her good arm and checked to see that the baby was okay. When she was satisfied, she looked around and saw a shadowy opening nearby. She was not sure where it led, but hopefully it led to safety.
              She stumbled through the opening and across a wooden bridge. She passed through another entrance and saw trees and vegetation all around her. This must be the forest, she thought. Link will be safe here.
              She continued staggering around, faint from the loss of blood. She had to find someone to take her baby. Eyes watched from doorways of houses, but the children were afraid of this strange woman.
              The woman gradually made her way into a corridor. When she got to the end, she saw a large tree in a clearing. She finally ran out of strength and collapsed on the grass.
              "Who art thou?" an old voice asked her.
              She could give no response, but instead held out the baby. "Please," she struggled to say. "Take…care…Link…" With those words, she fell dead on the ground.
              The Deku Tree looked at the child. There was something strange about the boy. There was an aura of destiny around him. This child was meant to do heroic deeds.
              Something caught the Deku Tree's attention. A dark shape was moving swiftly towards the child. It was a tall, spindly thing, looking as though made of sticks. Two red eyes glowed from its face. Evil radiated from this creature. It meant harm to the child.
              "Stop!" the Deku Tree shouted in its loudest voice. The shadow halted at the word. "You, evil being, do not belong in this forest of good. I do not know what evil deeds you plan, but as long as I am the Guardian of the Forest, you shall never come close to here. Be gone!"
              The shadow recoiled at the words and instantly vanished. The Deku Tree returned its attention to the child. What dark deed had the shadow intended? Such an evil spirit was distressing to think of. The Deku Tree felt that terrible things would come of the creature. The future was shadowy, and many things were concealed in it. The Deku Tree felt a sudden sensation, that the fate of Hyrule may someday hang in the balance and the child may be their only hope.
              But first things first. The Deku Tree summoned the Kokiri. Arrangements needed to be made for the newcomer.


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