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Legend of Zelda
How I Met the Legendary Hylian Warrior

I remembered when I first played a Legend of Zelda game. It was Ocarina of Time, and it was running on one of those TVs they have in Wal-Mart so people can try out the popular new game before buying it (this was around the time that OoT first came out). The person before me had left Link in that room inside the Great Deku Tree with the water and the floating platform moving beneath the spinning spiky thing.

I was completely and totally lost. To this day, the only thing I really hate about the Zelda games is that there's no "reset" option. So, in this Wal-Mart, I had no idea how the controls worked, I was stuck in this annoying room, and there was no way I could get out of it. The whole experience ruined my perception of the game series.

Then Christmas rolled around. Among my presents, I received "Link's Awakening" from my grandparents. My Grandma said that she'd heard it was a great game, so she had bought it for me. I was less than thrilled, but I decided to give it a try.

I tried to understand the instructions book (yes, I actually read the instruction book before playing a game), which kinda worked, and then popped the game into my original Game Boy (which I still own and is over a decade old) and started playing.

I was pretty much hooked from the beginning. I loved the storyline, characters, gameplay, and everything else. I finished the game mostly on my own (just needed help finding seashells for the sword upgrade) and loved every minute of it.

From that point, it was an easy decision to get Ocarina of Time for my N64. I loved that game even more than Link's Awakening, mostly because of the incredible storyline that the game had woven into it. I think it was that storyline that prompted me to think about messing around with it...

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