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Rematch: Yugi vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 4: Attack and Defense

              Finally, the fire completely overwhelmed the field. Everyone cringed and turned away until the flames died down and only Yugi and Kaiba were left on the field, both breathing heavily [K LP: 1300] [Y LP: 3000].
              “That was intense,” Tristan commented. Everyone else agreed.
              “You did not disappoint me,” Kaiba said. “Now that our options are completely wiped out, we must both rely on whatever cards we draw.”
              Yugi nodded and took a card from his deck. Whoever draws a monster first has the upper hand, he thought. He couldn’t hide the grimace from his face. Diffusion Wave-Motion. “I end my turn.”
              Kaiba smiled, but that smile faded when he drew his card. This Trap card is completely useless, he thought. “I set one card facedown and end my turn,” he said.
              Yugi drew another card. At least this one is a monster card, he thought, but I have nothing to sacrifice to summon it. He added the card to his hand and nodded at Kaiba.
              “Perhaps luck has smiled on me first,” he said after drawing a card. “I play Pot of Greed and draw two more cards.” These cards should work very well, he thought. “I set one card facedown and summon Giant Germ [1000/100] in defense mode.” Now I’m ready for whatever you might throw at me.
              That’s more like it, Yugi thought after drawing his card. “I play Double Spell,” he said. “After discarding a Magic card from my hand,” – he slid Diffusion Wave-Motion into his Graveyard – “I can activate a Magic card from your Graveyard, and I choose Card of Demise.”
              The virtual image of Double Spell changed into Card of Demise, and Yugi took four cards from his deck. He studied them for a while, formulating all the possible moves and seeing which one was the best. Finally, he knew what he was going to do.
              “I set two cards facedown and summon Queen’s Knight [1500/1600] in attack mode,” he announced.
              Kaiba’s hand moved to his facedown Trap card, but then he hesitated. I can wait for something better, he thought.
              “Queen’s Knight,” Yugi said, “attack his Giant Germ.”
              “What is he up to?” Joey wondered.
              Yugi’s yellow and red armored warrior easily cut through Kaiba’s pulsating germ. “That was a foolish move,” Kaiba said. “First, because my Giant Germ was destroyed in battle, it does damage to your Life Points.”
              The remnants of the germ dissolved into purple particles that attacked Yugi, causing him to grimace [Y LP: 2500]. “Then,” Kaiba continued, “I can summon two more Giant Germs from my deck.”
              “Yes,” Yugi said, “but they’re summoned in attack mode.”
              “I play the Magic card Berserker Soul,” Yugi said. “After I discard my entire hand, I then draw cards from the top of my deck and send them to the Graveyard. If I draw a monster card, my Queen’s Knight can attack one more time. If I don’t, then Berserker Soul’s effect ends.” He slid Berfomet into the Graveyard and then took the top card from his deck. “I’ve drawn Valkyrion the Magna Warrior,” he said, sliding it into his Graveyard. “Queen’s Knight, attack again!”
              The warrior leapt across the field and destroyed another of Kaiba’s monsters. Kaiba winced from the wake of her attack [K LP: 800] while more poisonous particles attacked Yugi [Y LP: 2000]. This is bad, Kaiba thought. My Life Points won’t hold out as long as his.
              Yugi drew another card from his deck. “Jack’s Knight,” he announced. The red knight rushed and destroyed the last of Kaiba’s monsters [K LP: 300] [Y LP: 1500]. There was nothing left to protect him.
              Everyone held their breath as Yugi reached his hand to his deck and slowly drew a third card. He looked at it and then flipped it around to show everyone else. “Exchange,” he said before adding it to his Graveyard. “That ends my turn.”
              Kaiba growled and drew a card. “I summon Slate Warrior [1900/400],” he said. “Your combo may have almost defeated me, but it left a weak monster on the field for me to destroy.”
              “I prepared for that, too,” Yugi said. “Because you just summoned a monster, I can activate my Trap card, Dark Renewal.” The Trap card revealed itself and summoned a purple coffin onto the field. “By sacrificing a monster on both sides of the field, I can revive a Spellcaster from my Graveyard.”
              The coffin opened and two beams of red light dragged Slate Warrior and Queen’s Knight inside it. The lid shut and then opened again to reveal the Dark Magician.
              “Nice move,” Kaiba said, “but I have a Trap to deal with that as well. Activate Clone. This card gives me a perfect copy of your magician.” A second Dark Magician appeared on Kaiba’s field and stared down the first one. “You can’t attack without destroying your own monster in the process, and you’ve already used your Magic Formula and Spellbinding Circle, so you can’t alter either monster’s attack strength.”
              “I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Yugi said.
              “My turn’s over,” Kaiba said, “and Card of Demise’s effect activates, though I have no cards in my hand to discard.”
              “My turn,” Yugi said, drawing a card. Kaiba’s right, he thought. I can’t attack until I can make my Dark Magician stronger. “I’ll pass.”
              Kaiba drew a card and smiled broadly. “I’ve drawn Monster Reborn first,” Kaiba said, “and you know what that means. Come back, my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!”
              The three-headed dragon roared and stepped onto the field, dwarfing the Dark Magicians next to it. “Yes, brother!” Mokuba shouted.
              “Ultimate Dragon,” Kaiba said, “obliterate Dark Magician with Neutron Blast.”
              A ball of brilliant white energy started forming between the Ultimate Dragon’s three mouths. Yugi worriedly pushed a button on his Duel Disk. “I activate Zero Gravity,” he said. “This changes the mode of every monster on the field.”
              Blue-Eyes Ultimate stopped its attack, wrapped its wings in front of its chest, and ducked its heads behind its wings. Both Dark Magicians also assumed a defensive posture.
              Kaiba made a sound of agitation. “You may have saved yourself this turn,” he said, “but now what will you do? Even in defense mode, my Ultimate Dragon is stronger than your Dark Magician. On my next turn, I’ll just attack you again.”
              “Then I must defeat your dragon this turn,” Yugi said, taking a card from his deck. He smiled when he saw what it was. “And I can. I play the Equipment Magic card Excalibur on my Dark Magician.”
              A long, silver sword appeared in the purple magician’s left hand. He raised it above his head, gave out a triumphant yell, and felt power from the sword flow into him [Dark Magician: 5000/2100].
              “Woah!” Joey shouted. “His attack strength doubled!”
              “It can’t be,” Kaiba said. “There must be some drawback to that card for it to be so powerful.”
              “There is,” Yugi said. “If I draw a card, Excalibur is instantly destroyed. However, its other effect allows me to skip drawing a card at the beginning of my turn, so the only way for you to destroy it is to make me draw a card.”
              “Or to play Mystical Space Typhoon,” Kaiba added.
              “Yes, but unless that’s your facedown card, you can’t save your dragon this turn. Dark Magician, attack his Ultimate Dragon!”
              The magician crossed the sword with his staff, causing a ball of multi-colored energy to form. Then the energy arced out and engulfed Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes. The dragon roared in pain before shattering.
              Murmurs came from the audience as Kaiba’s strongest monster was destroyed. “Very good, Yugi,” Kaiba said. “My facedown card wasn’t able to save my dragon, but it will do something just as useful. I activate Wish of Final Effort.”
              The pieces of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon dissolved into shimmering blue sparkles that danced around Kaiba. “What did that card do?” Tristan asked.
              “When one of my monsters is destroyed,” Kaiba explained, “I gain Life Points equal to the attack strength of the destroyed monster.”
              “But that’s 4500 points!” Tea exclaimed.
              “More Life Points won’t protect you against my monster,” Yugi said.
              “I know,” Kaiba replied [K LP: 4800]. He drew a card from his deck and placed it onto his Duel Disk. “I summon Twin-Headed Behemoth [1500/1200] in defense mode and end my turn.”
              It all depends on that card, Kaiba thought, looking at Yugi’s hand. Which one is it?
              “My turn,” Yugi said. “By Excalibur’s effect, I don’t draw a card. Now, Dark Magician, attack your clone.”
              Kaiba’s Dark Magician vanished in another blaze of rainbow energy. He laughed and pointed his finger at Yugi. “Just what I wanted to see,” he said triumphantly.
              “What?” Yugi asked.
              “That card in your hand isn’t a monster,” Kaiba replied. “Otherwise, you would have summoned it to help destroy my Twin-Headed Behemoth. Therefore, since you can’t draw any more cards without losing your power-up, I only have one monster of yours to defend against.”
              “That’s true,” Yugi said. “As long as you can keep drawing monsters, you can defend against my attacks. But, how long can you draw monsters?”
              Kaiba drew a card from his deck and grimaced. “I was right, wasn’t I,” Yugi said.
              If only I had drawn this card a few turns earlier, he thought. “I end my turn.”
              “Dark Magician, attack his Behemoth.”
              “But my Behemoth can revive itself,” Kaiba said. The purple dragon [1000/1000] crawled up from the smoke of Dark Magician’s attack and crouched on the field again.
              “But it can only do that once,” Yugi said. “I set one card facedown so that I don’t have to discard it for Card of Demise’s effect and end my turn.”
              Kaiba drew another card. A useless Trap, he thought. “Your turn.”
              “Dark Magician,” Yugi called, “destroy his Behemoth for good this time.”
              Kaiba winced as his last monster was obliterated. One last draw, he thought.
              “You’ve defeated his Dark Magician before,” Mokuba said under his breath. “You can do it again.”
              “My move,” Kaiba said, whipping a card from his deck. He smiled when he saw that it was just the one he needed. “I play the Magic card Premature Burial. For the cost of 800 Life Points [K LP: 4000], I can bring one of the monsters in my Graveyard back to the field.”
              The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon snarled and shifted nervously in front of the sword-wielding Dark Magician. “But I defeated that monster before,” Yugi said, “and I’m still strong enough to do it again.”
              “I know,” Kaiba said, “which is why I will make my dragon evolve into a stronger monster.”
              A stronger monster? Yugi thought. Could it be…?
              “I sacrifice my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to summon the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon,” Kaiba shouted. The Ultimate Dragon’s skin cracked, letting out shafts of brilliant white light, and then shattered to reveal a glimmering mechanical Blue-Eyes [3000/2500]. It shrieked for the crowd and hovered in front of Kaiba.
              “Isn’t that monster weaker than his Ultimate Dragon?” Tristan asked.
              “Yes,” Yugi said, “but it gains more power from the dragons in your Graveyard, doesn’t it.”
              “Exactly,” Kaiba said, “and there are ten dragons in my Graveyard, so my Shining Dragon gains 3000 more attack points!” The dragon’s power conduits glowed bluer and its shriek sounded deeper and more powerful as its attack points climbed [Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon: 6000/2500].
              “That’s stronger than Yugi’s Magician!” Joey exclaimed.
              “Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon,” Kaiba said, “attack with Shining Neutron Blast.”
              The Dark Magician cried out and vanished in a flood of brilliant blue energy. Yugi gritted his teeth as the attack spilled over onto him [Y LP: 500]. Then the barrage ended, leaving virtual smoke rising from his clothes. His knees trembled for a second, but he forced himself to remain standing.

              to be continued...


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