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Rematch: Yugi vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 3: The Big Plays

              “I play my final card, Immense Gravitational Machine,” Kaiba said. Smoke erupted from the field in-between the two duelists and a hulking blockish machine with a horizontal satellite dish on top rose from the smoke.
              “Immense Gravitational Machine?” Joey asked.
              “Yes,” Kaiba replied. “At the cost of 2000 Life Points [K LP: 300], this card forces both of us to place every card in our hands onto the field.”
              “Every card?” Yugi asked in shock [Y LP: 2000].
              “That’s right,” Kaiba said. “Let me demonstrate. I set two cards facedown and summon two Blue-Eyes White Dragons.”
              Kaiba’s two dragons roared with the crowd, sending waves of power towards Yugi. So that’s how it is, he thought, glancing again at the cards in his hand.
              “I set three cards facedown,” he said.
              Kaiba smirked. “Normally,” he said, “four facedown cards would worry me. But, due to my Gravitational Machine, they’re no problem now.”
              “What?” Tristan shouted. “Does his Magic card have another effect?”
              “No,” Kaiba said. “It’s because of the rules.”
              Kaiba sighed. “According to the rules of the game, a player cannot activate a Trap card during the turn that it’s placed on the field.”
              “And Yugi just put those three cards on the field,” Joey added.
              “That’s right,” Kaiba said. “Even if one of those cards was a Trap capable of stopping me, he can’t activate it because that would be against the rules. He can’t defend himself now.”
              “Yugi,” Tea said.
              “I still have options, Kaiba,” Yugi said.
              “Hmph. Vorse Raider, attack his Sangan.”
              One swift slice took care of Yugi’s monster. “Now Sangan’s effect activates,” Yugi said. “I can take one monster with an attack strength of 1500 or less from my deck and add it to my hand.”
              “That won’t help,” Kaiba said. “Blue-Eyes, attack directly!”
              A burst of white energy came rushing at Yugi. “You’re wrong,” he said, taking the card he had just picked from his deck and sliding it into his Graveyard. “The monster I fetched was Kuriboh, and I can discard it to reduce the damage from one of your attacks.”
              A cluster of furry Kuribohs sprung up in front of Yugi and took the brunt of Kaiba’s attack. The last few whispers of White Lightning fluttered by Yugi’s head and barely ruffled his hair.
              “But that will only protect you from one attack,” Kaiba said. “Go, my second Blue-Eyes!” As the first dragon closed its jaws and rested its head, the second one opened its mouth and fired another blast of energy.
              Yugi’s mind raced furiously. There has to be a way to save myself…yes, of course!
              Yugi held up one finger and smiled. “What you said about Traps was true, but you forgot something.”
              “Huh?” Kaiba said, his face illuminated by his monster’s attack.
              “Magic cards can be activated during the turn they’re placed on the field.” He pointed to one of his facedown cards as it swung open. “I activate Card of Sanctity.”
              “We both draw six cards?” Kaiba wondered.
              Yugi closed his eyes and moved his hand towards his deck. There was only one monster in his deck that could save him, and he hoped it was among the top six cards of his deck. He drew his cards and fanned them in front of his face, smiling when he saw the one he wanted.
              “I’ve just drawn Watapon,” he said. “When that monster is added to my hand because of a card effect, I can instantly summon it to the field. It will take your Blue-Eyes’s attack instead of me.”
              As he reached to grab Watapon from his hand, he noticed something. These cards…perfect! Then he smiled even broader, grabbed the card he wanted, and placed it on his Duel Disk. A pink puffball with puffball antennae [200/300] popped up before him.
              “That won’t save you,” Kaiba said, smiling. “I activate Dragon’s Rage.”
              “What?” Joey said.
              “Wait, isn’t that a Trap card?” Tristan asked. “I thought he couldn’t activate Trap cards right after he put them on the field.”
              “I didn’t just put it on the field,” Kaiba answered. “I set it during my previous turn.”
              “Why is everyone so worried?” Tea asked. “What does that card do?”
              “You know the rule that you don’t lose Life Points if your monster is defeated in defense mode?” Joey said.
              “That card allows Kaiba’s Dragons to bypass that rule.”
              “Oh.” She thought for a minute. “But wait, doesn’t that mean Yugi’ll lose?”
              “Don’t worry,” Yugi said, still smiling. “I placed a Trap card last turn as well. Go, Dust Tornado. This lets me easily destroy your Trap card.” The holographic card flipped up and let loose a whirlwind that blew away Kaiba’s Trap.
              Kaiba’s smile faded a little. “My attack still reaches your monster,” he said as Watapon disappeared in a flash of white light. “Your last defense is gone.”
              “I don’t need to defend anymore,” Yugi replied. “My counterattack starts now.”
              Kaiba huffed. “My turn isn’t even done yet.”
              “It doesn’t need to be. Dust Tornado has a second effect, letting me set one Magic or Trap card from my hand.” He took one card from his hand and slipped it into his Duel Disk. “Now I’m ready for you.”
              Why did he do that? Kaiba wondered. Why would he need to set a card during my turn? Is it a Trap that he needs to activate next turn? He surveyed the cards that he had drawn from Card of Sanctity’s effect. I could still finish him off this turn, but I’m curious to see what he’s planning. I can beat him anyway when my next turn comes.
              “I end my turn,” Kaiba said.
              Yugi drew a card, noted it with interest, and added it to his hand. I am in need of your sacrifice, he said to the monsters in his hand and one monster in his deck. With your help, we can win this duel.
              “I summon Winged Kuriboh in attack mode,” Yugi announced. A Kuriboh with small white wings [300/200] popped out of the holographic card in front of him and waved at the crowd.
              “How cute,” Tea commented.
              “Attack mode?” Kaiba asked.
              “Winged Kuriboh,” Yugi said, “attack Kaiba’s Vorse Raider.”
              “Yugi?” Joey asked. “What are you doing?”
              “Vorse Raider, counterattack,” Kaiba said.
              The brown furball put on a brave face and rushed towards the animal warrior. It was defeated with one slice.
              “Why did you throw away your Life Points like that?” Kaiba asked.
              “I didn’t throw away any Life Points,” Yugi replied. “When Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, my Life Points are safe from battle damage for the rest of the turn.”
              “Then why-”
              “So that I could activate the Trap that I placed during the previous turn, Soul Rope,” Yugi said as the card flipped up. “Since one of my monsters was just destroyed, I can pay 1000 Life Points [Y LP: 1000] and summon a Level 4 monster from my deck.”
              A shining white rope reached out of Yugi’s Trap card, wound its way to his deck, attached to a certain card, and pulled the card out. Out of this card sprang a fierce female magician dressed in blue and gold. “I summon my second Magician’s Valkyria [1600/1800],” Yugi said.
              “But why?” Kaiba asked. “It’s still weaker than my monsters.”
              “But it’s a Spellcaster,” Yugi said, “which allows me to activate the Magic card Dimension Magic. Now I can sacrifice a monster on my field and summon another Spellcaster from my hand.”
              A sarcophagus suspended by chains appeared and opened up, letting Magician’s Valkyria step inside. The lid closed and black smoke burst out of the sarcophagus, which then opened up to reveal another female magician of Yugi’s, this one dressed in blue and pink.
              “I summon Dark Magician Girl [2000/1700],” Yugi said.
              The appearance of one of Yugi’s trademark monsters made the crowd, especially the guys, cheer with excitement. “Boys,” Tea grumbled as she heard a particularly lewd comment from behind her.
              “First, my Dimension Magic has another effect,” Yugi said, “allowing my Dark Magician Girl to automatically destroy one of your monsters. Go, destroy his Blue-Eyes!”
              Kaiba watched helplessly as his dragon was shattered by a ball of purple energy. Now I can’t summon my Ultimate Dragon, he thought in frustration.
              “Next, my Dark Magician Girl gains attack points from the Dark Magician in my Graveyard, making her strong enough to defeat you.” The spirit of Dark Magician arose and stood behind his disciple [Dark Magician Girl: 2300/1700]. “Dark Magician Girl, attack Vorse Raider with Black Burning!”
              Another energy attack rushed towards Kaiba. This one he could deal with. “Activate Negate Attack,” Kaiba said. A swirling vortex appeared in front of Vorse Raider and swallowed the attack.
              “Very well,” Yugi said. “I set one card facedown and end my turn.”
              Kaiba drew a card and smiled. “Just the card I needed,” he said. “I activate my facedown Polymerization to summon my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.”
              “What?” Joey shouted. “But one of your Blue-Eyes is in the Graveyard!”
              “I know,” Kaiba replied, holding up the Blue-Eyes card in his hand and another monster, “but my Versago the Destroyer has the ability to substitute for a monster needed in a fusion.” Beside the Blue-Eyes on the field appeared a second Blue-Eyes and a fiend wrapped in ribbons that quickly morphed into a perfect copy of the other dragons. Then the three dragons melded together to form the three-headed powerhouse of Kaiba’s deck [4500/3800].
              “My Ultimate Dragon,” Kaiba shouted, “use your Neutron Blast to annihilate Yugi’s monster!”
              Yugi flinched from the incredible power of Kaiba’s monster, but his finger moved to press a button on his Duel Disk. “Not if I can help it,” he shouted back. “Activate Spellbinding Circle.”
              The dragon cried out as the binding array materialized around its necks. The circle crackled with stress, but it held. “Now your monster cannot attack and is weakened by 700 points,” Yugi said [Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: 3800/3800].
              Kaiba growled. “Enough of this,” he said. “I remove Blade Knight and Des Feral Imp from my Graveyard to summon Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End [3000/2500].” A turquoise dragon with red hair and white bone armor arose next to Kaiba.
              “That’s a very powerful monster,” Yugi said, “but you don’t have enough Life Points to use its effect.”
              Kaiba simply took two cards from his hand and slid them into his Duel Disk. “I set two cards,” he said, “and then play Emergency Provisions to send them to the Graveyard and gain Life Points.” Two holographic cards appeared and then immediately dissolved into yellow sparkles that flocked to Kaiba’s Life Point counter [K LP: 2300]. Yugi’s eyes opened with shock. “Now, I pay 1000 Life Points [K LP: 1300] so that Chaos Emperor Dragon can destroy every card on the field and in our hands and do 300 points of damage to your Life Points for each card destroyed.”
              Flames formed in the Chaos Dragon’s mouth and then flooded out towards Yugi, engulfing every other card along the way. Yugi, his face framed by a flickering red-orange light, smiled, touched another button on his Duel Disk, and pointed to another facedown card. “I activate Divine Wind,” he said. “This sends any effect damage back at you with twice the strength.”
              A strong wind blew up behind Yugi and directed the flames back at Kaiba. He faced the onslaught without flinching, took the last card in his hand, and slipped it into his Duel Disk. “I thought you might have something like that,” he said. “I play Ring of Defense to protect my Life Points from effect damage for this turn.”
              The spinning fan unfolded in front of Kaiba. The flames splashed against it and spread out to encompass the whole field. “Then I have one final facedown card to play,” Yugi shouted against the roar of the fire. “My own Emergency Provisions will send Spellbinding Circle and Divine Wind to the Graveyard.”
              Finally, the fire completely overwhelmed the field. Everyone cringed and turned away until the flames died down and only Yugi and Kaiba were left on the field, both breathing heavily [K LP: 1300] [Y LP: 3000].

              to be continued…


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