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Rematch: Yugi vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 2: Dragons' Curse

              The metal pod exploded, sending shrapnel through all of Yugi’s monsters and destroying them. “Cyber Jar also has another effect,” Kaiba said [K LP: 2300]. “We take the top five cards from our deck and summon any monsters with four or less Level stars.”
              “I know,” Yugi said [Y LP: 3000]. He drew five cards and picked three of them. “I summon three monsters in facedown defense mode.”
              Kaiba grimaced as three holographic cards appeared on the field. “I summon Rare Metal Dragon [2400/1200] and Y-Dragon Head [1500/1600],” he said. Before him appeared two dragons, a black one with metallic shining skin and a red robotic one.
              “That will end my turn,” Yugi said.
              “Do you think Yugi’s lost the momentum now?” Tea asked.
              “I wouldn’t be so sure,” Joey replied. “His monsters can have a high defense.”
              “A fact I’m well aware of,” Kaiba said, “so I’ll sacrifice my weak Y-Dragon Head in order to summon Kaiser Glider.” The red robot was replaced by a hulking yellow dragon [2400/2200]. Yugi suppressed a small smile.
              “Kaiser Glider,” Kaiba continued, “attack the leftmost monster.” Kaiser Glider shot a yellow fireball out of his mouth. The fire reached Yugi’s monster and engulfed it.
              “That won’t work,” Yugi said with a smile. Inside the fire knelt Obnoxious Celtic Guardian [1400/1200], unscathed and with a stern look on his face. “My Celtic Guardian cannot be destroyed by a monster with 1900 or more attack points.”
              “How ironic,” Kaiba said. “I just sacrificed a monster capable of destroying it. Rare Metal Dragon, attack the middle monster.” His dragon quickly tore through Yugi’s Alpha the Magnet Warrior. “That ends my turn.”
              “My turn,” Yugi said, drawing a card. This would be a powerful monster, Yugi thought, looking at the card he just drew. However, if I destroy his Kaiser Glider, then its ability will just return this monster to my hand. “I summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior [1500/1800] in defense mode and end my turn.”
              “I may be unable to destroy your Obnoxious Celtic Guardian,” Kaiba said, drawing a card, “but I can still damage your Life Points. I summon Spear Dragon in attack mode.” The blue bat-winged dragon with a sharp nose [1900/0] flapped onto the field next to the other dragons. “It inflicts damage to your Life Points even when your monster is in defense mode. Spear Dragon, attack his Celtic Guardian! My other dragons will take care of your other monsters.”
              Spear Dragon fired a tornado burst from its mouth and then wrapped its wings around itself. The tornado whipped through Celtic Guardian and moved on to hit Yugi directly [Y LP: 2300]. Kaiba’s Kaiser Glider and Rare Metal Dragon easily destroyed Yugi’s Gamma and Gazelle.
              “They’re tied now,” Tristan said.
              “Though it looks like Kaiba has the upper hand,” Tea added.
              “Come on, Yugi,” Joey said under his breath.
              “That’s how you do it, brother!” Mokuba shouted.
              “My army of dragons has you,” Kaiba said. “Anything you summon will be destroyed, while my Spear Dragon will continue to whittle away at your Life Points.”
              “Your dragon army may be strong,” Yugi replied, “but it has a fatal weakness, one that I can exploit with the right card. My turn.”
              He rested his hand on his deck. The sacrifices he needed to summon his strong monster were gone, so he needed a good draw. His deck obliged.
              “I play the Magic card Brain Control,” he said. “This allows me to control your Kaiser Glider for one turn.” A purple brain materialized and stretched out its long arms to grab the yellow dragon and drag it to Yugi’s side of the field. “Then I’ll sacrifice Kaiser Glider and Obnoxious Celtic Guardian to summon my Buster Blader.”
              Oh no, Kaiba thought as the two monsters disappeared inside a raging whirlwind. The wind whipped and stormed, making the crowd hold their breath with anticipation. Finally, the wind dissipated to reveal a warrior clad in purple armor and wielding a sword almost as big as him [2600/2300].
              “Now my monster’s special ability activates,” Yugi said. “Go, Dragon Sword.” Buster Blader pointed its sword at Kaiba. Life essence flowed out of his Graveyard and from his monsters on the field and swirled around the sword.
              “What’s happening?” Mokuba asked.
              “My monster gains 500 extra attack points for every Dragon on your field and in your Graveyard,” Yugi explained. Buster Blader finished absorbing energy and rested his sword on his shoulder [Buster Blader: 5100/2300]. “This gives him enough strength to finish you off. Buster Blader, attack his Rare Metal Dragon.”
              “Sorry, Yugi,” Kaiba said as the armored warrior rushed towards his dragon, “but I can’t lose yet. Activate Attack Guidance Armor.” A torso of spiked armor came out of Kaiba’s Trap card and latched onto Spear Dragon. “Now your monster has to attack my Spear Dragon, and since it automatically moved to defense mode after attacking, my Life Points are safe.”
              “Good move, brother!” Mokuba shouted.
              Buster Blader quickly tore through the blue dragon and returned to its place in front of Yugi. “That won’t be enough to protect you,” Yugi said. “When you focused your deck more on dragon monsters, you made yourself more susceptible to my Buster Blader. Your strength has now because your downfall, because every dragon you summon will only make him stronger.”
              “We’ll see,” Kaiba said, drawing a card from his deck. Perfect, he thought. This card will allow me to get rid of his Blader and avenge the move he pulled on me earlier in the game. However, I need a monster that requires a tribute, and I don’t have any. “I move my Rare Metal Dragon to defense mode and set one card,” Kaiba said. “Your turn.”
              “He didn’t summon another monster,” Joey remarked.
              “So?” Tristan asked.
              “If Yugi can summon a monster,” Joey said, “he could attack Kaiba directly.”
              “My turn,” Yugi said. He glanced at the card he drew, slipped it into his hand, grabbed the card next to it, and set it on his Duel Disk. “I summon King’s Knight [1600/1400] in attack mode.” The orange-armored warrior stood aside Buster Blader and held its sword at the ready. Crowd members who had made the same realization as Joey shouted with excitement.
              “King’s Knight,” Yugi said, “attack Rare Metal Dragon.” The knight leapt across the field and slashed through Kaiba’s monster with one strike. “Now, Buster Blader, attack Kaiba directly!”
              As the purple warrior raised its sword, Kaiba pointed to his facedown card. “I activate Command Silencer,” he said. A totem pole appeared and let out waves of screeching sound. Buster Blader stopped in pain and everyone except for Kaiba and Yugi winced. “This negates your attack and lets me draw one card.” He pulled his card and grimaced. Not what I needed.
              “I end my turn,” Yugi said as the screeching noise died away.
              Kaiba drew another card and then smiled. “It’s time to repay you for sacrificing my Blue-Eyes earlier,” he said. He picked a card from his hand and placed it in his Duel Disk. “I play the Magic card Soul Exchange. This lets me sacrifice your Buster Blader so I can summon my Luster Dragon #2.”
              “Just my Buster Blader?” Yugi asked as the hologram of Kaiba’s Magic card appeared.
              “I activate Mystical Refpanel,” Yugi said. A purple fairy materialized and caught the reflection of Kaiba’s Magic card in her mirror. “This lets me control your Magic card, so instead of my Buster Blader, you sacrifice my King’s Knight.”
              The orange knight dissolved and flowed into Kaiba’s Soul Exchange card. Kaiba grimaced and slapped his monster card onto the Disk in defense mode. A brilliant green dragon [2400/1400] awoke in front of Kaiba.
              “Also,” Yugi said, “because you summoned another dragon, my Buster Blader grows stronger.” Luster Dragon gave a small cry as essence was taken from its body and added to Blader’s sword [Buster Blader: 5600/2300].
              Kaiba, his grimace frozen on his face, looked through his hand again. Perhaps this wasn’t a complete waste, he thought. “I set two cards facedown and end my turn.”
              “Come on, brother!” Mokuba shouted. He received some support from the crowd, but this was drowned out by Yugi’s supporters in the audience.
              Yugi drew a card and added it to his hand. “Your facedown cards don’t scare me,” he said, pulling out another card from his hand. “I summon Beta the Magnet Warrior [1700/1600]. Beta, attack his Luster Dragon.”
              Kaiba smiled. “It’s too late, Yugi,” he said. “My Luster Dragon may have increased Buster Blader’s power, but it has also allowed me to overcome your monster’s weakness.”
              “And what is that?” Yugi asked, his magnet warrior frozen in mid-attack.
              “Though his attack strength increases,” Kaiba continued, “his defense strength remains the same, a fact that my Burst Breath card can exploit.” The Trap card flipped up and Luster Dragon became engulfed in flames. “By sacrificing a dragon monster, I can destroy every monster on the field with a defense weaker than my dragon’s attack, and Luster Dragon is just strong enough to take down your Blader.”
              Luster Dragon disappeared and the flames spread to surround both of Yugi’s monsters. Yugi flinched from the heat as both of them were destroyed.
              “My dragons triumph again,” Kaiba said.
              Yugi smiled and took two cards from his hand. “I set two cards and end my turn.”
              “My turn,” Kaiba said. “Now to attack again. I set one card facedown and summon Blade Knight, whose attack is increased because I only have one card in my hand [2000/1000]. Blade Knight, attack Yugi directly.”
              “Isn’t he walking straight into a trap?” Joey asked.
              “I activate Mirror Force,” Yugi said. A reflective shield appeared in front of him and shattered the medieval knight as it charged.
              “I knew you had a trap ready,” Kaiba said. “Activate Flat LV4. When one of my monsters is destroyed, both of us summon a Level 4 monster from our decks in attack mode.”
              “I summon Magician’s Valkyria [1600/1800],” Yugi said as the long-haired female spellcaster dressed in blue readied her staff.
              “I summon Vorse Raider [1900/1200],” Kaiba said, “and it will be easy for him to destroy your monster.” Kaiba’s animal warrior rushed over and sliced through Yugi’s magician [Y LP: 2000].
              “My turn,” Yugi said. This gives me some possibilities, he thought, looking at the card he just drew. “I summon Sangan [1000/600] in defense mode and end my turn.” The furry critter blinked each of its three eyes in succession as it rested on its haunches.
              Kaiba drew a card. “I play Card of Demise,” he said, displaying the card to Yugi. “Now I draw until I hold five cards, and then after five turns must discard my entire hand.” He smiled as he looked over the cards he’d drawn. “Next I play the Magic card Awakening from the Floor of Death. This lets me return my Blue-Eyes from my Graveyard to my hand.”
              “And I get to draw two cards,” Yugi said, taking two from his deck.
              “Let’s see how much they will help you,” Kaiba said. “I play my final card, Immense Gravitational Machine.” Smoke erupted from the field in-between the two duelists and a hulking blockish machine with a horizontal satellite dish on top rose from the smoke.
              “Immense Gravitational Machine?” Joey asked.
              “Yes,” Kaiba replied. “At the cost of 2000 Life Points [K LP: 300], this card forces both of us to place every card in our hands onto the field.”
              “Every card?” Yugi asked in shock.
              “That’s right,” Kaiba said. “Let me demonstrate. I set two cards facedown and summon two Blue-Eyes White Dragons.”
              Kaiba’s two dragons roared with the crowd, sending waves of power towards Yugi. So that’s how it is, he thought, glancing again at the cards in his hand.
              “I set three cards facedown,” he said.
              Kaiba smirked. “Normally,” he said, “four facedown cards would worry me. But, due to my Gravitational Machine, they’re no problem now.”
              “What?” Tristan shouted. “Does his Magic card have another effect?”
              “No,” Kaiba said. “It’s because of the rules.”
              Kaiba sighed. “According to the rules of the game, a player cannot activate a Trap card during the turn that it’s placed on the field.”
              “And Yugi just put those three cards on the field,” Joey added.
              “That’s right,” Kaiba said. “Even if one of those cards was a Trap capable of stopping me, he can’t activate it because that would be against the rules. He can't defend himself now.”

              to be continued...


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