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Rematch: Yugi vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 1: "This is our last duel"

              “Go, Yugi!” Joey shouted.
              Yugi turned back and flashed Joey a smile and a thumbs-up. Then he faced his opponent. “Are you ready, Kaiba?”
              “It’s been too long, Yugi,” Kaiba said. “Do you have the God cards with you?”
              “No, I don’t,” Yugi replied. “Given their incredible collector’s value, I’ve decided to store them in a safe place.”
              “What a shame,” Kaiba said. “I had a deck prepared to counter them. But it’s just as well. Let me make a couple modifications to my deck and then we can start.”
              “I’ll be ready when you are.” Yugi slid his deck into his Duel Disk and activated it.
              The crowd that had gathered to watch Joey duel Kaiba now rustled with anticipation. People were pushing up against Tea, Tristan, and Joey in an attempt to get a better view. “People are sure excited about this duel,” Tea commented.
              “They should be,” Joey said. “Those two are some of the biggest legends in Duel Monsters.”
              Kaiba finally completed his deck and took a ready stance. He and Yugi didn’t say a word to each other, but simply nodded and drew five cards from their decks. “Duel!” they shouted [Y LP: 4000] [K LP: 4000].
              The crowd around them cheered, and Kaiba noted with a smile that quite a few of those cheers were for him. “I’ll start,” Kaiba said, drawing a card. He didn’t have the best opening hand, but he could work with it. “I summon Kaiser Seahorse in attack mode and end my turn.” The underwater warrior covered in blue armor [1700/1650] pointed its spear menacingly at Yugi.
              Starting out conservatively? Yugi wondered. He drew a card from his deck and glanced at it. “I summon the Skilled Dark Magician,” he said. The black-cloaked magician [1900/1700] stepped onto the field in front of Yugi.
              “Support for your Dark Magician, eh?” Kaiba said.
              Yugi smiled. “You’ve heard of it?”
              “I’ve kept track of your performances in tournaments, so I know this card. Every time someone plays a Magic card, your monster gets a Magic Counter. Once it has three Counters, you can sacrifice it to summon a Dark Magician from your deck.”
              “And it’s a strong monster besides,” Yugi added. “Skilled Dark Magician, attack his Kaiser Seahorse.” The spellcaster released a powerful burst of dark energy that destroyed Kaiba’s warrior [K LP: 3800]. “I’ll also set one card facedown. Your turn.”
              Kaiba smiled as the virtual card materialized behind Yugi’s Skilled Magician. “You haven’t weakened at all,” he said. “That’s good to see. I play the Magic card White Dragon Ritual.”
              “That gives my Magician a Counter,” Yugi said as a power node on the monster’s costume lit up.
              “I know,” Kaiba said. “I sacrifice Des Feral Imp from my hand in order to summon Paladin of White Dragon [1900/1200].” Out of the image of the Magic card came a knight dressed in white armor riding a baby Blue-Eyes.
              “Our monsters tie,” Yugi commented.
              “So I’ll trade it in for a stronger one,” Kaiba said. “I activate my Paladin’s special ability and sacrifice it in order to summon a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from my deck.” The baby dragon and its knight rider disappeared in a whirlwind and out of that whirlwind stepped Kaiba’s trademark brilliantly white dragon [3000/2500]. “My Blue-Eyes can’t attack during this turn, but next turn I will unleash its wrath.”
              The surrounding crowd gasped. “He summoned his Blue-Eyes on his second turn!” Tristan exclaimed.
              “How is Yugi gonna deal with this?” Joey said.
              “I end my turn,” Kaiba said with a smug grin. “I summoned my signature monster first, Yugi.”
              “But I’ll use mine first,” Yugi answered, whipping a card from his Duel Disk. “My turn, and I’ll play the Magic card Soul Taker.” Another whirlwind rose up around Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes. “This Magic card lets me sacrifice your monster, though it does give you 1000 Life Points in the process.”
              Kaiba [K LP: 4800] stepped back in shock. “You can’t.”
              “Don’t worry, Kaiba. I’m sacrificing my monster, too.” The Skilled Dark Magician was engulfed in another whirlwind. “And now, with these two sacrifices, I’ll summon my Dark Magician.”
              The whirlwinds disappeared and left Yugi’s purple-robed magician [2500/2100] on the field. “Now, Dark Magician, attack Kaiba’s Life Points directly!” Yugi ordered. The mage twirled his green staff and fired a blaze of dark energy at Kaiba. Kaiba tried his best to remain silent as his Life Points were drained away [K LP: 2300].
              “No mercy,” Kaiba said, wiping his chin with the back of his hand. “Just the way I want it.”
              “I end my turn,” Yugi said.
              The look on his face, Kaiba thought, it’s so serious, so blank. What is he thinking? Kaiba drew a card. “I set one card facedown and play Silent Doom to bring my Blue-Eyes back from the Graveyard.” The white dragon rose from the ground hunched down with its wings wrapped around itself. “My Blue-Eyes can’t attack while it’s on the field due to Silent Doom’s effect, but its defense is strong enough to withstand your magician’s attacks.”
              “That’s what you think,” Yugi said. “My turn, and I play the Equipment card Magic Formula on my Dark Magician, giving him 500 more attack points [Dark Magician: 3000/2100]. Dark Magician, attack Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”
              Blue-Eyes disappeared in another blast of dark power. “I also summon Big Shield Guardna [100/2600] in defense mode and end my turn,” Yugi said. A long-haired warrior rested next to Dark Magician behind his enormous shield.
              Kaiba growled and rested his hand on the top card of his deck. I can’t let Yugi beat me this easily, he thought.
              “This is our last duel,” Yugi said.
              Kaiba looked up in surprise. He thought he detected a bit of sadness in Yugi’s face. “I recently recovered my memories of being a Pharaoh in the past,” Yugi continued.
              Kaiba huffed. “Still going on about that nonsense?” he said.
              “Kaiba, I remember who I am now, and that I don’t belong here. This isn’t my time. In a short while, I will leave this world and rejoin my old friends in the afterlife.”
              “Are you serious?” Kaiba asked. He turned to Yugi’s friends and saw their sad faces as well.
              “However,” Yugi said, “I have waited a little longer in order to give you the honor of one last duel.” He raised his Duel Disk, his face full of determination and challenge. “I will fight you with everything I have. I will not hold back!”
              Kaiba smiled. “Then I won’t hold back either. My turn!”
              “C’mon, brother,” Mokuba cheered. “You can do it!”
              Kaiba drew his card and looked at it with satisfaction. “I set one card on the field and a monster facedown.”
              Two holographic cards joined the one already on the field. I see, Yugi thought. He drew a card and slipped it into his Duel Disk. “I set one card facedown. Now, Dark Magician, attack his facedown monster.”
              The magician rushed towards the card image, which flipped up to reveal a metallic orb with a single green domed eye and a wide smile [900/900]. “Cyber Jar,” Yugi said. “That monster’s ability destroys every monster on the field.”
              “And that’s not all,” Kaiba said. “I activate Crush Card. When a Dark monster with 1000 or less attack points is destroyed in battle, this card destroys every monster with 1500 or more attack points on your field, in your hand, and in your deck.”
              “Which is why I won’t let it activate,” Yugi said. “I activate my own facedown card, Seven Tools of the Bandit. It may cost me 1000 Life Points [Y LP: 3000], but it lets me negate and destroy your Trap.”
              “So be it,” Kaiba said, “but you’ve lost Life Points and my Cyber Jar’s effect still activates.”
              The metal pod exploded, sending shrapnel through all of Yugi’s monsters and destroying them. “Cyber Jar also has another effect,” Kaiba said. “We take the top five cards from our deck and summon any monsters with four or less Level stars.”
              “I know,” Yugi said. He drew five cards and picked three of them. “I summon three monsters in facedown defense mode.”
              Kaiba grimaced as three holographic cards appeared on the field. “I summon Rare Metal Dragon [2400/1200] and Y-Dragon Head [1500/1600],” he said. Before him appeared two dragons, a black one with metallic shining skin and a red robotic one.
              “That will end my turn,” Yugi said.

              to be continued...


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