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Rematch: Joey vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 6: Final Cards

              “It’s time to bring this duel to its climax,” Joey said [J LP: 150]. “I play the Magic card Last Chance. It can only be activated when we both have ten or less cards in our deck, which we do. Now, we draw every card in our deck, but don’t worry. Last Chance’s second effect prevents us from drawing cards at the beginning of our turn.”
              “So,” Kaiba said [K LP: 400], taking the five remaining cards in his deck, “the winner will be the person who uses these last cards most effectively.”
              “Exactly,” Joey said, drawing his five cards. He purveyed them for a minute, thinking of all the possible moves. “To continue my turn, I summon Axe Raider [1700/1150] in defense mode and set three cards facedown.” This should have me set for a while.
              Kaiba huffed. “I see,” he said. “All through this duel, you’ve been defending yourself with Magic and Trap cards. Now, in order to beat you, I must overcome those cards. I accept your challenge!”
              “Do you think he can do it?” Tristan asked, turning to Yugi.
              Yugi shrugged, his eyes fixed on the duel. “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s all up to Joey now. Those facedown cards had better be good; Kaiba is good at swarming the opponent.”
              “All right, bro,” Mokuba said, “time to shine.”
              Kaiba took a card from his hand and slipped in into his Duel Disk. “Now, thanks to your Magic card, I have finally drawn Monster Reborn and can revive my third Blue-Eyes.”
              Joey stepped back as the white dragon again appeared on the field. Calm down, he told himself. You can still deal with it.
              “And finally,” Kaiba said, “I’ll summon Slate Warrior [1900/400]. My army of three monsters is ready to attack you.”
              Here we go, Joey thought.
              “First, I’ll attack with Slate Warrior,” Kaiba said. “That will draw out any Traps you have before they touch my stronger monsters.”
              “Wrong, Kaiba,” Joey said as the fiend rushed towards Axe Raider. “You won’t even survive this first Trap.”
              Suddenly, Slate Warrior disappeared into a pit in the ground. “What happened?” Kaiba asked.
              “I activated my Trap card, Chasm of Spikes,” Joey said. Everyone leaned over and saw Slate Warrior burst into pieces as it hit the spikes lining the pit’s bottom. “Not only does this destroy your monster,” Joey continued, “but it also damages you equal to one-fourth of the destroyed monster’s attack points. I don’t know exactly how much that is, but I’m sure it’s enough to defeat you.”
              “Good one,” Kaiba said, “but I’ll use my Ring of Defense card to protect myself from your effect damage.” A rotating fan appeared in front of Kaiba. “I normally combo this card with my Ring of Destruction, but it works just as well here. Now, Kaiser Glider, attack his Axe Raider.”
              “Then I’ll activate my second facedown card,” Joey said, “Order to Charge. In return for sacrificing one of my monsters, I can destroy any one of your monsters. So, I’ll offer my Axe Raider and destroy your Blue-Eyes.”
              Axe Raider dissolved into white sparkles, and Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes did the same. “You fool,” Kaiba said. “My other dragon’s attack will now hit you directly!”
              Kaiser Glider’s fireball rammed into Joey and clouded his side of the field. Joey’s friends cried out in shock, while Kaiba merely shook his head. “That was a foolish mistake,” he said.
              “It wasn’t a mistake,” Joey replied. The smoke cleared, revealing a standing Joey and the face-up image of his last Trap. “Because you attacked me directly, I could activate this card, Nutrient Z. Now, I gain 4000 Life Points before your attack damages me.” The card image faded, leaving Joey standing proud [J LP: 1750].
              “You were able to survive one turn,” Kaiba said, “but you’ll run out of cards to protect you. I’ll set this card facedown and end my turn.”
              “I don’t need to protect myself any longer,” Joey said. “I’m ready to attack you. Not only did my Nutrient Z card protect me from your attack, but it also gave me enough Life Points so that I could use this card, Premature Burial. Now, for the cost of 800 Life Points, I can return my Gilford from the graveyard to the field!”
              The Magic card image appeared on the field [J LP: 950] and Joey’s electric warrior [2800/1400] stepped out of it. Sparks flickered around the sword he held in front of him. “My monster’s strong enough to destroy your Kaiser Glider and the rest of your Life Points,” Joey said. “So Gilford, attack!”
              “I activate my facedown card, Magical Trick Mirror,” Kaiba said. The Trap flipped up and revealed a floating robot covered with mirrors. “This Trap will copy any Magic card in your graveyard and allow me to use it.”
              But which one? Kaiba thought as Gilford raced closer to his monster. I can’t use Dragon Nails, because that card only works on dark monsters. What else is there? Kaiba’s mind raced furiously, running through every card that Joey had played. Ah, that’s it. That will work perfectly.
              “I’ve decided which Magic card I want to copy,” Kaiba said aloud, “and that card is Emergency Provisions.”
              “Huh?” Joey asked.
              “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what your own card does,” Kaiba said.
              “No,” Joey retorted, “it just wasn’t what I was expecting.”
              “With this card,” Kaiba continued, “I can send my own Trick Mirror to the graveyard and gain 1000 Life Points, enough to prevent me from losing.”
              The robot’s mirror flashed and revealed Joey’s Provisions card. Then, the robot dissolved into sparkles that were absorbed into Kaiba’s Life Point counter [K LP: 1400]. Once this was done, Gilford reached Kaiser Glider and sliced the monster to pieces [K LP: 1000].
              Joey frowned and looked at Kaiba. He only has two cards left in his hand, he thought. Are those two cards enough to defeat my Gilford?
              “Are you done with your turn?” Kaiba asked. Joey simply nodded.
              Wait a minute, Yugi thought. Kaiser Glider has another effect, that when it’s destroyed, a monster on the field is returned to the owner’s hand. I’m sure Kaiba wouldn’t forget what his own monsters do, so why didn’t Kaiba activate that effect? Does he want Gilford to remain on the field?
              “I’ll set one monster on the field,” Kaiba said, “and one card facedown. That ends my turn.”
              “Whoa,” Tristan said. “Those were his last cards. He has nothing left.”
              “All right, Joey,” Tea called. “You’ve almost won!”
              Joey looked at the last remaining card in his hand. Here goes nothing. “I summon Sasuke Samurai #4 [1200/1200] to the field,” Joey said. A short warrior with a round yellow head dressed in samurai armor and wielding a spear appeared next to Gilford.
              Kaiba frowned. That was a newer monster, one he wasn’t familiar with. However, it was a monster, exactly what he wanted to pull off his plan.
              “Now, Gilford,” Joey said, “attack his facedown monster.”
              As Joey’s monster rushed towards the card image, it flipped up to reveal Des Feral Imp [1600/1800]. The green-skinned fiend put up little resistance to Gilford’s sword and was defeated in one slash.
              “Since you revealed my Des Feral Imp,” Kaiba said, “I can take one card from my graveyard and add it to my deck.” The graveyard on his Duel Disk spit out a card, which Kaiba placed into his deck slot.
              “What good will that do?” Tea asked. “Nobody’s drawing cards anymore.”
              Could it be? Yugi wondered.
              “Whatever card you grabbed,” Joey said, “you won’t get to use it. Samurai, attack Kaiba directly!” The warrior brandished its spear and prepared to rush at Kaiba.
              “What’s that?” Kaiba asked. “I didn’t hear you, and neither will your monster, thanks to my Command Silencer.”
              Kaiba’s facedown card rotated upward to show a totem pole holding three speakers. These speakers let out a horrendous noise, causing everybody, including Joey’s Samurai, to cover their ears.
              “Because of my Command Silencer,” Kaiba said, “your monster’s attack was negated. But, that’s not the only thing my card does.”
              “What’s that?” Joey asked. “I’ve never seen it before.”
              “That’s because you were unconscious at the time,” Yugi said. “Command Silencer allows Kaiba to draw a card.”
              Joey turned back to Kaiba. “So that means...”
              “Yes, that’s right,” Kaiba said, pulling the card from his deck. “I get to summon my Blue-Eyes again!”
              He slid Monster Reborn into his Duel Disk and a bright light erupted from it. The light condensed and turned into Kaiba’s favorite monster, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.
              “Go, my Blue-Eyes,” Kaiba said. “Destroy his Gilford the Lightning.” Once again, Joey’s warrior succumbed to the White Lightning [J LP: 750]. The field was left with each duelist having one monster.
              “Then this is it,” Joey said. “Are you familiar with the effect of my Sasuke Samurai #4?”
              “No, actually I’m not,” Kaiba said. “What does it do?”
              “When this monster battles another monster,” Joey explained, “I get to flip a coin and call it. If I guess right, then your monster is immediately destroyed. If I guess wrong, the attack continues as normal.”
              “So,” Kaiba said, shaking his head, “you’re leaving this up to luck yet again, eh? When will you learn and start using dependable cards?”
              “You’re just worried that I’ll beat you,” Joey said. “Samurai, attack Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes!”
              The samurai rushed towards the dragon. Blue-Eyes unleashed another White Lightning attack at the approaching monster. Sasuke Samurai stopped and held its spear up horizontally to brace against the attack. The ball of white energy caught against the spear and held there.
              Joey pulled a quarter from his pocket. “It’s time to decide the outcome of this duel,” Joey said. “I call heads!”
              He flipped the coin high into the air. Everyone watched nervously as the coin spun around and around and dropped down into Joey’s palm. He immediately flipped his hand over and slapped it onto the top of his other hand.
              Then he grinned at Kaiba. “Ready to see what it is?” he asked.
              “Of course,” Kaiba said, crossing his arms.
              He lifted his hand and then sighed, his shoulders relaxing. “It’s tails,” he said, not losing his smile. The ball of White Lightning broke through Samurai’s spear and destroyed the monster [J LP: 0].
              “Go, big brother!” Mokuba shouted. There were similar cheers from the audience that had gathered to watch the duel.
              “Great job, Joey,” Tea said.
              “You almost had him,” Tristan added.
              Joey turned to face his friends and gave them a thumbs-up. Yugi, smiling, nodded his head in approval.
              Joey’s attention was brought back to Kaiba as he walked towards him, Mokuba tagging along behind him. “That was a good duel,” Joey said, offering his hand.
              To his surprise, Kaiba took it and shook his hand. “I must admit,” he said, letting go, “you’ve improved a lot since the first time I dueled you. You’ve learned to strategize and think through your moves. If only you’d rely less on luck, you might be a really good duelist.”
              “I dunno,” Joey said, winking. “I think it adds a lot of fun to the duel.”
              Kaiba smiled, shaking his head slightly. “Now,” he said, “I believe Yugi is supposed to be my next opponent.”
              Yugi put on his game face and walked over to take Joey’s place. “You did a good job,” the other Yugi said to Joey. Then he turned and faced Kaiba.
              Joey stepped away to take his place with Tristan and Tea. Oh well, he thought. I’ll beat him next time. “Go, Yugi!”


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