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Rematch: Joey vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 3: Standoff

              “I must admit,” Kaiba said [K LP: 1300], “you had a nice trick there, but it wasn’t able to give you the duel.”
              “Then just wait,” Joey said [J LP: 1000]. “I have more tricks.”
              Kaiba huffed. “Just take your turn.”
              Joey looked at the one remaining card in his hand. He needed a good draw or he wouldn’t be able to pull this off. His hand rested on the top card of his deck, willing it to be a good card. His wish was rewarded as he drew the card and looked at it.
              “I play the Magic card Reinforcements of the Army,” Joey said, “which allows me to take a Warrior monster from my deck and put it in my hand.” He pulled his deck from his Duel Disk and searched through it. He knew just the monster to look for.
              “I choose the monster Marauding Captain, which I now summon.” The Captain [1200/400] appeared on the field, shouldering its sword. “Now its first special ability kicks in, letting me summon another monster from my hand. And that monster is another Marauding Captain.”
              Kaiba groaned as Wheeler’s other monster was summoned. “I know what this means,” Kaiba said. “Marauding Captain’s other ability is that it prevents me from attacking other Warriors. So, since you have two of them on the field, I can’t attack either of them.”
              “That’s right,” Joey said. “I’m safe.”
              “For now,” Kaiba said. “Defenses don’t win duels, and they eventually always fall.”
              I know, Joey thought. He looked at his two monsters on the field. Please give me enough time to mount a counterattack, he mentally asked of them.
              “I’m sure you can do it, bro,” Mokuba cheered. “Don’t give up!”
              “All right, Joey!” Tea shouted. “Way to go!” She gave a teasing smile to her rival cheerleader.
              “My turn,” Kaiba said. He needed a way to destroy one of Joey’s Captains. Once that happened, Joey’s defensive lock would be broken. He drew a card and smiled. This could be very helpful.
              “I set one card facedown on the field,” Kaiba said. “Then I play Card of Demise, which lets me draw until I have five cards in my hand.”
              “Don’t forget the drawback,” Yugi said. “Five turns later, you’ll have to discard every card in your hand.”
              “It should be over by then,” Kaiba said. He pulled five cards from his deck and analyzed them. They weren’t the best cards, but he should be able to work with them.
              “For now, I’ll just summon Y-Dragon Head in defense mode,” he said. The red mechanical dragon [1500/1600] appeared on the field next to Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes. “That ends my turn.”
              Joey giggled. “All right,” he said, “you didn’t draw any useful cards, or else you would have done more than that.”
              “Patience, Wheeler,” Kaiba said. “I’ll defeat you eventually.”
              “You’re all talk,” Joey said, drawing a card. “I play Pot of Greed and draw two cards. And unlike you, they’re good cards that I’ll play right away. First is the Magic card Dangerous Machine Type-6, followed by Little-Winguard [1400/1800] in defense mode.” A large spheroid machine and a blue warrior with wings on his armor materialized on the field. “That’s all for now.”
              “What does that machine of Joey’s do?” Tristan asked.
              “A variety of things,” Yugi replied. “During each of his turns, those slots will rotate and reveal a number. Depending on what the number is, an effect will activate. It could help him or hurt him.”
              “That’s a risky card,” Kaiba said.
              “I like a little risk in my duels,” Joey said.
              “I prefer dependable cards,” Kaiba said. He drew a card from his deck, placed it in his hand, and grabbed the card next to it. “I summon Z-Metal Tank in defense mode and end my turn.” The yellow machine [1500/1300] appeared next to Kaiba’s other monsters.
              Now I know what Kaiba’s up to, Yugi thought. If he can summon all three XYZ monsters and combine them into the XYZ-Dragon Cannon, its special ability can destroy one of Joey’s Marauding Captains and break his defensive lock. I hope Joey can think of something before then.
              “My move,” Joey said, drawing a card. “Now my Dangerous Machine will activate.” The slots on his machine started spinning, eventually stopping on the number “3”. “All right, that means that I can draw another card.” He pulled another card from his deck and looked over his hand. “I’ll summon Swordsman of Landstar [500/1200] in defense mode and set one card facedown.”
              Kaiba drew a card. This could help him get the card he needed. “I play the Magic card Graceful Charity,” he announced. “This lets me draw three cards and then discard two cards from my hand.”
              “Drawing cards again,” Joey said. “Haven’t you learned yet that nothing in your deck can stop me?”
              “On the contrary,” Kaiba said. “I’ve drawn just the cards that I needed. Now my attack begins. First, I’ll discard X-Head Cannon and Cost Down from my hand.”
              “You just discarded a useful monster,” Joey said. “I thought you were a good strategist.”
              “I am,” Kaiba said. “That useful monster is going to come back to the field, thanks to my Magic card, Silent Doom.” A blue and yellow robot with shoulder-mounted cannons [1800/1500] appeared on the field in defense mode. “And now, with all three XYZ monsters on the field, I can combine them together into the XYZ-Dragon Cannon [2800/2600]!” Joey watched with worry as the three mechanical monsters combined and stood next to Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes. He knew that the special ability of that monster meant trouble for him.
              “XYZ-Dragon Cannon has a very useful effect,” Kaiba said. “By discarding a card from my hand, I can destroy any card on the field.” He took a card from his hand and slipped it into the Graveyard on his Duel Disk. “And the card I wish to destroy is one of your Marauding Captains!” The XYZ-Dragon Cannon charged up its multiple laser cannons and fired at Joey’s Captain, shattering him to pieces.
              “Next, I’ll summon Blade Knight [1600/1000],” Kaiba said, “and now my attack army is complete. Blade Knight, attack Joey’s other Marauding Captain.” Joey grimaced as his monster was sliced in two. “Now, Dragon Cannon, destroy his Little-Winguard.” The mechanical combination fired up its cannons once again.
              “Not so fast,” Joey said. “I activate my face-down card, Magic Arm Shield.” A red and white shield attached to Swordsman of Landstar’s shield. As the Dragon Cannon fired, a pincher reached out of the shield, grabbed Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and pulled it into the direction of the attack. “Now you’re forced to attack your own Blue-Eyes,” Joey said, “an attack that’s sure to lose.”
              “Then I’ll change who I’m attacking,” Kaiba said. “I activate my face-down card, Attack Guidance Armor.” Spiked armor appeared around Joey’s Little-Winguard. “That armor will draw my monster’s attack, so your monster will still be destroyed.”
               Joey frowned as his blue warrior was wiped out. At least the effect of Magic Arm Shield meant that Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes was on his side of the field and therefore couldn’t attack him. Still, his best defense was now gone, and he had to come up with something great next turn.
              “I don’t like seeing my dragon in your hands,” Kaiba said. “So I’ll end my turn and have it return to my side of the field.”
              Joey started sweating as Kaiba’s three monsters stared at him, and all he had was his Swordsman of Landstar. Kaiba is really good, he thought, but I know my deck can pull through. I just need to draw a good card. He smirked as he saw which card he drew. This was going to be interesting.
              “Once again, my Dangerous Machine will activate,” Joey said. The slots spun around and again stopped on “3”. “I guess this is my lucky day,” he said, pulling another card from his deck.
              “Real duelists don’t rely on luck,” Kaiba said.
              “A duelist can rely on whatever he wants,” Joey retorted, “which is why I’m switching my Swordsman into attack mode.”
              “Are you crazy?” Kaiba asked. “Any of my monsters can take out that weakling.”
              “Not after I play this,” Joey said, holding up the Magic card Graceful Dice. “Depending on the roll of the die, my monster could become as strong as your Blue-Eyes.”
              A tuxedoed sprite with a winged hat appeared and threw a large blue die across the ground. Both duelists watch anxiously as the die slowly rolled to a stop, six black dots facing upwards.
              “All right!” Joey exclaimed. “My Swordsman now has 3000 attack points!” The Swordsman’s sword grew in length to match its entire body. “Now, Swordsman, attack Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes and rid the field of that monster.”
              Kaiba’s monster released its White Lightning attack as Joey’s monster rushed towards it. The Swordsman was destroyed in the blast, but its sword flew out of its hands and lodged into the Blue-Eyes heart, causing it the dissolve into pieces. Neither player’s Life Points were affected [K LP: 1300] [J LP: 1000].
              “All right,” Joey said again, flashing a thumbs-up.
              “Joey, you numbskull,” Tristan shouted. “Why did you attack his Blue-Eyes? Now you have no monster on the field.”
              “Uh,” Joey said, speechless.
              Tea smacked her forehead. “If you had attacked his Blade Knight, you would have taken Kaiba’s Life Points down to zero and won the game.” Joey fell to the ground in shock.
              Yugi shook his head in disbelief. Joey was a good duelist, but sometimes he got a little carried away.
              Kaiba smirked, but he was rattled inside. If Joey had had some sense, he thought, I really would have lost the duel right then. I can’t underestimate this guy.
              “Hey,” Joey said, picking himself back up, “at least I destroyed his Blue-Eyes. Now I don’t have to worry about that monster anymore.”
              “No,” Tristan said, “but you have his other two monsters to worry about.”
              “Don’t worry,” Joey said, waving the card left in his hand. “This Trap card will protect me.” He slipped the card into his Duel Disk.
              “You really shouldn’t announce your plans,” Kaiba said, drawing a card. “I’ll play the Magic card Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your Trap card before you can activate it, leaving a direct path to your Life Points.”
              Joey’s friends looked on in worry as a typhoon of wind erupted from Kaiba’s virtual card and headed for Joey’s facedown card. However, Joey wasn’t worried at all. “Too bad, Kaiba,” Joey said. “I’m gonna activate my Magic card before you can destroy it.”
              Magic card? Kaiba thought.
              “Go, Scapegoat!” Joey announced. The card flipped face-up and four brightly colored goats sprung from the card before Kaiba’s typhoon ripped through it.
              Kaiba chuckled and put his hand to his face. “You told me that it was a Trap card so I’d waste my card trying to get rid of it,” he said.
              “Bingo,” Joey said.
              Kaiba laughed out loud. “That was a good deception,” he said, “but it’s still just another temporary defense. When will you attack me?”
              Soon, Joey thought, …I hope.
              “Your goats won’t last long,” Kaiba said. “I summon Vorse Raider [1900/1200] and have all three of my monsters attack three of yours.”
              When the barrage was done, Joey only had one blue Scapegoat left on the field, sleepily oblivious to the destruction going on around it. That one monster wouldn’t be enough to protect him the next turn.

              to be continued...


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