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Rematch: Joey vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 2: Blue-Eyes vs. Red-Eyes

              “Blue-Eyes, attack his Gilford,” Kaiba ordered [K LP: 2500]. Gilford attempted to shield itself with its sword, but Blue-Eyes’s attack was too great. Joey [J LP: 1100] was left with no monsters on the field. “Now, Lord of Dragons, finish him off.”
              As the Spellcaster ran towards Joey, he pressed a button on his Duel Disk and pointed to his facedown card. “Then I guess I’ll have to activate my Trap card, Graverobber,” he said. “It allows me to steal one of the cards in your graveyard and use it.”
              A purple gremlin in green clothes with digging equipment on its back appeared with a card in its hands. What card did he grab? Kaiba wondered. With a cackle, the gremlin turned the card around to reveal…Flute of Summoning Dragon.
              “That’s right,” Joey said. “Now I can summon a Dragon from my hand.”
              Kaiba’s eyes narrowed in thought. Which dragon did Joey have…could it be?
              “Say hello to my good old Red-Eyes Black Dragon,” Joey said. The sleek black dragon materialized on the field and gave a welcome roar. Then it turned its crimson eyes to the monster heading towards Joey.
              No, Kaiba thought, it’s too late to stop my monster’s attack.
              “Now, Red-Eyes,” Joey said with a broad smile, “counterattack Lord of Dragons.” A ball of red energy appeared in Red-Eyes’s mouth and fired outward, engulfing Kaiba’s monster and destroying it. Kaiba grimaced [K LP: 1300].
              Joey flashed a thumbs-up. “Good job, Red-Eyes.”
              “Wait,” Kaiba said. “Yugi had that monster the last time I saw it. How did you get it back?”
              “I won it from Yugi,” Joey said.
              “You beat the other Yugi?” Kaiba asked in disbelief.
              “Nah,” Joey replied. “We tied, but he felt that was good enough.”
              Kaiba smiled. “That’s very impressive, Joey,” he said, “but it’s not going to help you. Your Red-Eyes is weaker than my Blue-Eyes.”
              “We’ll see about that, Kaiba,” Joey said. “I’ve put my heart into that monster, the same way you’ve put your heart into yours.”
              “Then let’s see who’s heart is stronger,” Kaiba said. “I place one card and one monster facedown on the field and end my turn.”
              “All right, here we go,” Joey said, drawing a card from his deck.
              “Don’t forget about your Magic card, Wheeler,” Kaiba said, pointing to Joey’s Mirage of Nightmare. “Now you have to discard your entire hand.”
              “Not so fast,” Joey said. “Before that happens, I’ll play Emergency Provisions from my hand. It lets me send my Magic card to the graveyard and gain 1000 Life Points in the process.” The Mirage of Nightmare card dissolved into glowing particles that fluttered onto Joey’s Life Point counter [J LP: 2100].
              “Hey, now Joey has more Life Points than Kaiba,” Tea said.
              “Yeah, but let’s see how long he can keep them,” Tristan warned. Yugi nodded in agreement.
              I’d better not let Kaiba get a lot of monsters on the field, Joey thought. “Red-Eyes, attack Kaiba’s facedown monster.” His dragon expelled a fireball at its target. The card image flipped up to reveal a gigantic cell, Giant Germ [1000/100]. The fireball effortlessly destroyed the monster, but Joey knew that that wasn’t a good thing.
              “Since you destroyed my Giant Germ,” Kaiba said, searching through his deck, “you lose 500 Life Points. Also, I can summon two more Germs from my deck to the field.”
              Dang, Joey thought [J LP: 1600]. Now he has even more monsters on the field.
              “Are you done?” Kaiba asked. “My Blue-Eyes is waiting to destroy your dragon.”
              “Not yet,” Joey said. “I’ll set this card facedown.”
              It must be a Trap intended to protect his Red-Eyes, Kaiba thought as he saw the virtual card appear. I’ll make him waste it.
              “My turn,” Kaiba said, drawing a card. “First, I’ll switch my Giant Germs to defense mode. Then, Blue-Eyes, attack his inferior dragon.”
              Blue-Eyes powered up its White Lightning and released the stream of destructive energy towards Joey’s monster. “You’re gonna regret that,” Joey said. “I activate my Trap card, Skull Dice. If I roll any number other than one, your Blue-Eyes will lose.”
              A little gremlin appeared from Joey’s Trap card and threw its red die onto the field. The die rolled along the ground until it slowed to a stop, revealing five dots on its top face.
              “All right,” Joey said, “now your Blue-Eyes only has 800 ATK. Red-Eyes, counterattack!”
              Blue-Eyes’s White Lightning withered and harmlessly splashed against Red-Eyes’s chest. Then Red-Eyes released its own attack of red energy back at Blue-Eyes.
              “Kaiba’s gonna lose,” Tristan exclaimed.
              “I don’t think so,” Yugi said. “He doesn’t look worried.”
              Kaiba merely smirked as Red-Eyes’s attack approached his monster. Smoke erupted when the two met, temporarily clouding the arena.
              “All right,” Joey said. “Did I get him?”
              As the smoke gradually drifted away, several shapes could be seen. One of them was Kaiba, but standing next to him was a strange machine on a tripod of some sort. Joey instantly recognized what it was.
              “You almost had me, Wheeler,” Kaiba said, “but I was able to activate my Interdimensional Matter Transporter to transport my Blue-Eyes out of harm’s way just in time. Now, Blue-Eyes, return to the field.”
              Kaiba’s dragon poked its head out of an interdimensional portal and flew back onto the field, as strong as ever. “I knew you had a Trap hidden,” Kaiba said. “It’s the only way you can protect your weak dragon, since it’s not strong enough to fight for itself.”
              “But you still couldn’t destroy it,” Joey retorted.
              “Not this turn,” Kaiba said, “but next turn I’ll wipe it out.”
              Joey drew a card from his deck. All right, he thought, just what I needed.
              “I play the Magic card, Dragon Nails,” he announced. Large steel claws appeared and attached themselves to Red-Eyes’s hands. “This will raise my monster’s attack strength by 600 points, giving it 3000 attack points. Now it’s equal to your Blue-Eyes.”
              “But that won’t help you much,” Kaiba said. “When monsters with equal attack strength battle each other, both are destroyed.”
              “Normally, that’s what happens,” Joey said, “but I can change things with my other Magic card, Kishido Spirit. Now, when monsters with the same strength attack each other, mine will always win. So, Red-Eyes, attack Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes.”
              The two dragons unleashed streams of energy at each other. The streams collided in the center, sending shock waves around the playing field. The shock waves reflected back at Blue-Eyes and destroyed it, but Red-Eyes stood triumphant.
              Kaiba cursed under his breath. Wheeler had actually managed to defeat his most powerful monster.
              “It’s your turn, Kaiba,” Joey said. “Not that there’s much you can do against my Red-Eyes.”
              “We’ll see,” Kaiba said, whipping a card from his deck. He smiled when he saw it. “Now, I’ll sacrifice my two Giant Germs in order to summon my second Blue-Eyes White Dragon.” The germs disappeared and Kaiba’s grand monster again appeared on the field.
              “Have you gone bonkers?” Joey asked. “I’ll just defeat that monster like I did your last one.”
              What is Kaiba up to? Yugi wondered. He wouldn’t have sacrificed two monsters capable of dealing damage to Joey’s Life Points only to summon a monster that would easily be defeated. He must have something more in store for Joey.
              “Wheeler, you may have a strong monster on the field,” Kaiba said, “but my Blue-Eyes is still stronger than your dragon. Your dragon requires Magic cards in order to become powerful, while my dragon has all of its power built right in.”
              “Part of Duel Monsters is combining your monster cards and your Magic cards,” Joey said. “Yugi taught me that.”
              “True,” Kaiba said, “but it also means that your monster’s power can be taken away. I play the Magic card, Heavy Storm! This will destroy every Magic card on the field, removing the advantage you had over me.”
              “Oh no,” Joey said as his Magic cards were blown away.
              “Now, Blue-Eyes,” Kaiba said, “attack his Red-Eyes and show him which dragon is superior.”
              Joey’s dragon was incapable of withstanding the barrage of white energy. Joey [J LP: 1000] grimaced and looked at Kaiba.
              “I must admit,” Kaiba said, “you had a nice trick there, but it wasn’t able to give you the duel.”
              “Then just wait,” Joey said. “I have more tricks.”

              to be continued…


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