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Note: Though this story uses the English names, some inspiration is taken from the Japanese version, mainly in the fact that Kaiba is less of a jerk. All cards work as they do on the show. This story is set after Battle City.

Rematch: Joey vs. Kaiba
By Cere

Chapter 1: The Challenge

              “Wow, this is amazing!” Joey exclaimed.
              Yugi had to agree as he looked around the newly completed Kaiba Land. There were tons of Duel Monsters-themed rides, like bumper cars, a merry-go-round, spinning rides, and even a roller coaster. There was also an arcade, a gift shop (which sold Duel Monsters cards), and people dressed in Duel Monsters costumes.
              “Even though he’s a jerk at times, he knows how to build a theme park,” Tristan said.
              “It seems like the entire city is here,” Tea said.
              Yugi nodded. Excited cries of children filled the air. Today was the grand opening of Kaiba Land. After Battle City had finished, Kaiba had spent almost all of the fall and winter overseeing the construction of this place. Now that spring had finally appeared, Kaiba announced the opening of his new theme park.
              “All right,” Joey said, resting a hand on the Duel Disk on his wrist, “where’s that Kaiba?”
              Yugi chuckled. The part of Kaiba’s announcement that had interested Joey the most was that Kaiba would be wandering around Kaiba Land and would duel anyone who challenged him. Joey had been practicing a lot and perfecting his deck during the last few months, but Yugi still didn’t know if he could compete with Kaiba.
              “Hey, Yugi!” a familiar voice called. Yugi turned to see Mokuba Kaiba, who had called his name, and Seto standing next to him.
              “I expected you to come here,” Kaiba said, looking at Yugi. “It’s been a while since I’ve dueled the other Yugi.”
              “Wait just a minute, Kaiba,” Joey said, stepping in front of Yugi. “Your first opponent will be me.”
              “You?” Kaiba asked.
              “I’ve been practicing,” Joey said, holding up his deck. “I’m ready for a rematch.”
              “I beat you once. I don’t need to do it again.”
              “Yugi’s beat you, too, but you don’t let that stop you.”
              This made Kaiba pause. He had never considered that someone thought of him the same way he thought of Yugi.
              “C’mon,” Joey said, “you know you want to.”
              “You aren’t worth my time,” Kaiba said less conviction than he wanted.
              “I made it to the Battle City finals,” Joey said. “I survived an attack from a God card.”
              “Not really,” Kaiba said. “You still fell down, even if it wasn’t right away.”
              “He’s improved a lot, Kaiba,” Yugi said.
              “Besides,” Mokuba chimed in, “you said you’d duel anyone who challenged you.”
              Kaiba considered for a moment, staring at the determined duelist across from him. “Fine,” he said, raising his Duel Disk and drawing his first five cards, “but you’d better give me a good challenge.”
              “I plan to,” Joey replied with a smile. He drew his cards and looked at his hand. He had only drawn one monster, but he still had good cards. “I summon Alligator Sword [1500/1200] in defense mode and place two cards facedown.” A reptilian warrior appeared, resting on its knees, and two large cards materialized behind it. “Your turn.”
              “Is that all you have?” Kaiba said, pulling a card from his deck. He already knew what he was going to do. “I play Pot of Greed,” he said, sliding the Magic card into his Duel Disk, “and draw two more cards.” He smiled when he saw what they were.
              “Can you even last one turn against me?” Kaiba asked.
              “What?” Joey replied.
              “I summon Lord of Dragons [1200/1100] to the field and play the Magic card Flute of Summoning Dragon.” A cloaked wizard wearing dragon bone armor appeared on the field holding a horn carved with a dragon’s head. He brought the horn to his lips and a pure sound resounded around the duel arena. “This lets me summon two Dragons from my hand.”
              “I know how the card works,” Joey protested.
              “Then welcome my Spear Dragon [1900/0] and Blue-Eyes White Dragon [3000/2500]!” A blue bat-winged dragon with a sharp snout and Kaiba’s trademark monster appeared next to Lord of Dragons. Joey inhaled sharply. Kaiba had summoned three monsters in one turn, and their combined attack power was enough to wipe him out.
              “All right, brother!” Mokuba shouted.
              “Spear Dragon,” Kaiba announced, “attack his Alligator. Even though it’s in defense mode, Spear Dragon will still cause damage to your Life Points.”
              “But you have to hit it first,” Joey countered. “Activate Trap, Fairy Box.” A box appeared around Alligator Sword. There were several holes in the top of the box, and Joey’s monster started poking its head out of them. Kaiba grimaced. He only had a small chance of actually hitting Alligator Sword with his attack.
              “Well, what are you waiting for?” Joey taunted.
              “Attack that hole,” Kaiba ordered, pointing at the closest corner of the Fairy Box. Spear Dragon released a destructive tornado from his mouth and shattered a part of the box. However, Joey’s Life Points were unaffected.
              “Looks like you missed,” said Joey with a smile.
              “I won’t next time,” Kaiba said. “My Blue-Eyes has enough power to destroy your entire box. Blue-Eyes, White Lightning Attack!”
              Joey covered his eyes as a bright light shot from the Blue-Eyes’s mouth and wiped out his entire Fairy Box. He peeked up and saw a brief glimpse of his Alligator Sword being destroyed.
              “Now, Lord of Dragons will attack your Life Points directly,” Kaiba said.
              Joey stepped back as Kaiba’s monster rushed up and punched him in the stomach [J LP: 2800]. He took a while to catch his breath as Lord of Dragons returned to his owner.
              “I’ll also set this card face-down,” Kaiba said. “Your turn.”
              This is bad, Joey thought. I wasn’t hoping for him to get such a good start. He drew a card and smiled. All right, now I can take out his Blue-Eyes.
              “First, I play the Magic card Foolish Burial,” Joey said, “which allows me to take any monster from my deck and put it in your graveyard, and the monster I choose is Gilford the Lightning.”
              “Why would you want to put your monster in my graveyard?” Kaiba asked, holding out his hand.
              “Oh, don’t worry, Kaiba,” Joey replied. “It’s not going to stay in there for long, for I now play Monster Reborn and summon Gilford to the field.” Joey slapped the card onto his Duel Disk and the mighty warrior Gilford [2800/1400] stepped onto the field. His white armor gleamed and his red cape flapped in the wind. There was a sense of dazzling power about the monster, and his sword crackled as he drew it and prepared for battle.
              “I don’t know what you’re planning to do with that monster, Wheeler,” Kaiba said. “It’s weaker than my Blue-Eyes.” The dragon roared in agreement.
              “That’s where my other monster comes in,” Joey said. “Go, Rocket Warrior [1500/1300].” A rocket with arms and legs appeared next to Gilford. “Now, Rocket Warrior, go into invincible mode and attack Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes, lowering its ATK by 500 points.” Rocket Warrior’s limbs slotted into its body and it launched itself towards Kaiba’s monster.
              “I won’t let you touch my Blue-Eyes,” Kaiba shouted. “Activate Trap card, Ring of Destruction.”
              A metal ring with grenades bolted to it flew from its virtual card, slipped around Rocket Warrior, and exploded before the rocket could reach Blue-Eyes. When the smoke cleared, both of their Life Points were heavily damaged [K LP: 2500] [J LP: 1300].
              Joey cursed under his breath. Not only did he lose a lot of Life Points, but also now he couldn’t attack Blue-Eyes. He’d have to settle for another monster. “Gilford, attack Kaiba’s Spear Dragon.” The warrior carried out his wishes and sliced through Kaiba’s monster.
              “Why did he do that?” Tristan asked. “Because that dragon was in defense mode, Joey didn’t do any damage to Kaiba’s Life Points. If he had attacked Lord of Dragons, he would have hurt Kaiba a lot.”
              “But he knows that he’ll be attacked next turn,” Yugi answered. “He got rid of Kaiba’s monster with the most attack points. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be enough.”
              Joey looked at his facedown card still on the field. He could tie this game if he wanted to, but he really wanted to beat Kaiba. His gaze shifted to the remaining card in his hand. Maybe this would help.
              “For my last move,” Joey announced, “I’ll play this Magic card, Mirage of Nightmare.” The virtual card appeared on the field. “This will let me draw cards during your next turn so that I have four cards in my hand.”
              “Yes, but then you’ll have to discard most of them during the next turn,” Kaiba said, “and it will be too late by then anyway. My turn.”
              As Kaiba drew a card, Joey pulled four cards from his deck. His eyes widened as he saw the last card that he drew. He knew a way to bring things back into his favor.
              Kaiba merely glanced at his card as he placed it in his hands. “Blue-Eyes, attack his Gilford.” Gilford attempted to shield itself with its sword, but Blue-Eyes’s attack was too great. Joey [J LP: 1100] was left with no monsters on the field. “Now, Lord of Dragons, finish him off.”

              to be continued...


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