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Who's #1?
Behind the Story

started: ??
finished: May 1, 2001

I believe my original idea was to do something in the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" format, but it evolved into a contest for which Turtle was the best. This story became much wilder than the first two.

With this story, I expanded a lot on the extra characters. The publicist was introduced as someone who conflicts with both the author and the Turtles. The lawyers had a showdown, and Bill the crab showed his why-can't-we-all-be-friends? side (and got unceremoniously squished because of it). Also introduced were several guest characters: Batman Beyond (whom I also write stories about; the closest thing to a crossover so far), Robin Williams (my favorite comedian), Michael Jordon (the best sports star I could think of), and Sting (my utmost favorite singer).

By the way, the reason for Leo's liking of Sting was to make sure that nobody confused the singer with the wrestler. If you just write "Sting", you can't be certain what people will think.


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