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(currently untitled)
Behind the Story

started: late summer 2000
finished: November 14, 2000

After reading some other hilarious fanfics, I decided to try one of my own. In fact, I even used the script style that other people had used. One bright sunny day, I sat down with a notebook and pencil and wrote down the rough draft. Then I copied it the computer, edited it, published it on Fanfiction.net, and moved on to other stuff.

At first this was just an experiment. I honestly didn't care if people liked it or flamed it. I was planning to mainly write adventure fics, not humorous ones. However, I was surprised by the massive positive feedback I received. Therefore, I decided to continue writing Turtles humor stories.

"The author", as he is referred to, is not me at all, or even based on me. He's just another character I made up. He's basically a hapless author whose attitude rubs the wrong way with the Turtles.

The number of mistakes that Don gives is correct. There are seventeen. I counted them. If anyone wants to double-check that number, feel free to do so.

I should also probably note that this story was nominated for Best Comedy in the Third Annual TMNT Fanfiction Awards.


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