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Kidash Zek
Behind the Story

started: July 17, 2000
finished: November 29, 2000
last scenes added: June 4, 2001

This story is noteworthy as the first story I wrote specifically as fanfiction.

This whole story started from that first scene. I imagined a man with strange powers robbing a museum in the dead of night. From that point I branched off and created a whole secret civilization.

I also had the ending thought out at this point. For most of my stories, I start with the beginning and the end and then flesh out the middle.

The conflict between the Turtles was not originally part of the story. However, when my dad read the first part, he commented that he liked the arguing. I then decided to add that as a new angle to the story.

A lot of the Kidash Zek culture was made up as I went along. My intent was to create a mysterious society that would gradually be revealed and explained.

The Kidash Zek hierarchy goes like this:

That the leading humans were called "Servants" was to emphasize their servitude to Zek.

Most names were thought of off the top of my head. Some, though, had real reasons behind them.

The final two scenes with the Turtles coming home and Chalang planning revenge were not originally included. I was debating whether or not to use them and decided not to. However, the ending just didn't feel right, and a comment from a reviewer convinced me that the scenes needed to be added. And so I did.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters are the property of someone else. No copyright infringement was intended. The Kidash Zek are my own creation.