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The Genastone
Behind the Story

started: November 27, 2000
finished: September 22, 2002

This story idea started with the final battle and the villain. I thought that out and then went to work on the beginning. I also wanted to include Ninjara. I'm a big fan of the Archie comics, and consider her a member of the team. Plus, I wanted to have Raph almost kill Ninjara and have Leo barely save her. So, for my second adventure story, I wanted to include her.

When I first sat down and started seriously planning out this story, I wanted to have eight chapters (eight is my lucky number). However, I had to settle on seven, because I couldn't think of enough to fill up eight chapters.

The name "Genastone" came from the idea of a stone that generated energy. Interestingly enough, I originally thought of the Genastone as colored pink, but that just didn't seem right (no offense to all you girls out there). So, I settled on red.

Another thing about this story was that I wanted to include several plot twists. First we find out that the Genastone is sentient, then the Genastone ditches Krang and Shredder and goes on its own. At the end of Chapter 5, Raph is turned over to the evil side.

This story took an incredibly long time to write, mainly because I was sidetracked several times. After finishing chapter 2, I became busy with other stories (it's hard to juggle three universes at once). It took a while before I got back to the Genastone project, and then I only wrote two more chapters before again working elsewhere. It was this story that inspired me to finish stories in one stroke instead of jumping from universe to universe writing one chapter at a time as I had previously done.

The last two chapters took some time to plan out. I went through so many different ideas. My original idea was that Raphael kidnapped Don and the Turtles (with Ninjara) went to rescue him. Upon entering his underground citadel they'd split up, with a life-energy dragon guarding Donatello. The rescuers would ride the energy dragon and crash into the fight with Raphael. However, I entertained several other ideas, from Splinter being kidnapped to a member of the Galactic Judiciary showing up. Eventually I decided on Ninjara being kidnapped and Raphael falling into the Turtles' hands.

The Genastone's story of why it wanted to destroy the universe waltzed into my mind right when I was writing Chapter 7. It's a shame I didn't think of it sooner, because I could have incorporated it more. As it was, the Genastone displays a satisfying distaste for all life.

A clue to the Genastone's weakness is in the very first chapter. On the plane, Leo deflects a shot back at the Genastone and it passes right through its shield. That's the memory that was bugging Leo during Chapter 6.

I am proudest with the story's ending. It's so tranquil and relieved, a fitting end to such a long ordeal.

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