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Behind the Story

written: February 23, 2002

First of all, has everyone noticed the acronyms? MATH, CHAOS, GOD, and MIND. They are half the reason I wrote the story. It makes it so symbolistic. The whole story was a work of art. The other reason I wrote this story was the idea of an art contest and a living work winning (they are not actually called paintings; the form of art is left up to the reader).

I almost spontaneously came up with the idea while in the bathroom one night. I had thought up of George Orville Daniels several months before, with a different story idea. And, for some reason, the idea of an art contest between rigid Math, free-flowing Chaos and God came to mind.

I want to note that Chaos is not meant in a bad way. It is merely a short way of referring to lack of structure, and how there can be a certain beauty to it. The word "chaos" has many negative connotations, but quite frankly, I couldn't think of a shorter word. Four names was pushing it enough.

I thought up the idea several weeks before actually writing it down. February 23 was District Individual Speech Contest, and I had time to kill. So, I picked up a sheet of paper and a pencil and started writing. It was actually fairly hard to write. One thing I've noticed is that translating an idea from the brain to paper can be more difficult than it may seem, especially when the work is intended to be so artistic. I spent much time thinking of the right way to say things.

One person (Brian Ellis) has said that they'd like to hear this from the painting's point of view. That is an interesting idea. Since I have had other ideas for extending the story a bit (MATH and CHAOS's views on their artwork), I may eventually come back to this and write more. Only time will tell. As for now, I think this is enough.


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