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Behind the Poem

written: December 2, 2001

This poem was written because of Speech. I had to do Poetry. I had one poem ready, about homeless life, but I couldn't find anything else to go with it. And I really wanted to do that one poem. Practice for Speech contest was the next day (I procrastinate, I know), and I needed to have something ready by then.

While I was thinking of ideas, a little voice in the back of my head said, "Write your own poem." At first, I just blew this off. There was no way I could write a poem spontaneously. What would be its subject? "Write about a homeless person." And a general idea about Diedric came to mind. And so, after running out of other ideas, I decided to write my own poem.

It actually came fairly easily. The rhythm, groups of three lines middle-long-short in length, came when I started writing. And the pattern of remembering developed after a couple lines. It wasn't a perfect first draft, and I made a couple revisions a few days later, but the basic poem was written that afternoon.

The name "Diedric" came off the top of my head. I have never heard that name before. And, if it is a real name, I probably spelled it wrong. Oh well. I like it, wherever it came from.

This poem is notable as one of the few I have written that have not been set to music. Most poetry I write are actually songs (I'm an aspiring songwriter as well as story writer). However, "Diedric" will probably never be set to music. It seems to be better as just a poem.


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