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The Last Rose

he sent me 12 roses one Saturday,
these roses they took my breath away
so perfectly red and a wonderful smell
why he did this I could not tell
he was always so quiet in classes at school
he was called a "nerd" by the people called "cool"

well, they came with a card tied to the box
it read: open the 23rd at 4 o'clock
why the 23rd? twelve days from now
I wanted to open it here and now
I decided to wait and do what he said
I put them in water and went to bed

when I saw him the next day standing in the hall
the guys were pushing him and finally he fell
they kicked him and hit him, calling him names
but everyone kept walking for this happened everyday
the week went by and nothing had changed
he was still harassed, quiet and ashamed

I tried to talk to him a few times before
but he never once took his eyes off the floor
once in a while he would look my way
but never a word did I hear him say
the 11th day was here, I could hardly wait
I wanted to open it before the next day
but I waited because the note specifically said
that before the 12th day it could not be read

the next day at school I went to 1st class
but where he sat was an empty desk
the teacher walked in and forwardly said
"class, I'm so sorry, but Jason is dead"
I soon found out later that day
he killed himself that morning around 3
I could not understand, I was almost in tears
although we never talked, I had known him for years

I got home from school, walked in my room
to see all the dead roses, except for one still in bloom
I picked up the note and held it to my heart
the tears were now pouring
I tore the envelope apart
what I read I couldn't believe
I had to sit down for I could not breathe
the note was short, but touched me so deep
I read it out loud while I weeped

it said:
you don't know me but I know you.
we met on the playground in 2nd grade,
you let me have your swing.
6th grade you let me sit at your lunch table.
this year you picked up my folder that I dropped.
nobody has ever loved me but at least you cared.
will always remember you, and for you I will leave a rose.

I wiped my tears and looked at the rose
I picked it up and held it to my nose
so perfectly red and a wonderful smell
it took my breath away, I had to smile
there is not a day I don't think of him
I just wish I had found the courage
to be this "nerd's" friend

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