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About Me

First, the basic facts. I'm six feet tall, have blue eyes (though one is part brown), brown hair, and am really skinny. For those who know the four personalities, I am almost split evenly between Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic, leaning more on the Peaceful and with the occasional Powerful Choleric moment. For those who don't, I'm a nice person with lots of friends, who can be either serious or extremely silly. My home is here in the good old Midwest. I'm currently in college as a music major with possible emphasis in theory/composition (yes, I LOVE music). I can play trombone, sing barition/bass/tenor-on-a-good-day, and participate in an improv troupe.

I've wanted to write for as far back as I can remember. It started with little one-paragraph stories written back in early elementary (that now seem extremely pointless). In third grade, I was introduced to Goosebumps books, and I became instantly hooked. For a time, all I wanted to write were horror stories. I thought up of a series of book ideas, though I never actually wrote them out.

I also loved to play with action figures when I was young, and was lucky to get a brother who thought the same. Most of my figures were of the Ninja Turtle variety, but there was also some Batman and Spider-Man. Those childhood games were my first epics.

Then, in sixth grade, I read Ender's Game (I highly recommend the whole series). It changed my literary horizons. I went on to read most of Orson Scott Card's work (he's my favorite author), and my interests changed from horror to fantasy/sci-fi.

Fanfiction was introduced to me when I was a high school freshman by my then-girlfriend. I had never considered writing stories based on my favorite characters, but I decided to give it a shot. I started my career on Fanfiction.net (a good place for beginning fanfic authors). Positive reviews encouraged me to continue. That soon opened a floodgate of ideas. I am absolutely overjoyed that I joined this "industry". It has broadened my horizons and helped me to better myself.

The pen-name "Cere" was created by messing around with the word "seer" (one who sees). "Seer" became "Sere" became "Cere", and the name stuck in my mind. It wasn't until later that I found the word actually meant something! The noun "cere" is "a fleshy or waxlike swlling at the base of the upper part of the beak in certain birds", and the verb "cere" is "to wrap in cerecloth (a cloth coated with wax, formerly used for wrapping the dead)" (courtesy of the American Heritage College Dictionary). None of those definitions really has any relationship to me...and the "cerecloth" thing freaks me out. Oops! Oh well.

When my fanfiction career started working well, I wanted to make a website. I learned HTML from Creating Web Pages Simplified, by IDG Books. It was a great book for learning HTML, and I recommend you read it if you're interested (if it still exists; my book was published in 1996). I then proceeded to plan out my website and build it from scratch. I make this site with Notepad and check my work with Internet Explorer. It's simple, but effective.

The design, colored text on black background, was used because...well, it looked good. I didn't want a white background, because I wanted it to look different and striking. Most of the text is green, because green is my favorite color (and white text didn't look quite right). However, different universes have their different colors.

I spent months working on the site (and finding a place to put it), then uploaded it to the web about one year after I had started writing fanfiction. It originally had a home page, stories page, behind the stories page (an idea I had wanted to include from the start), and a links page. This worked well when I had little material, but as the site grew, a new organization was needed.

So, I started working on an organization based on the separate universes (Original, Ninja Turtles, Batman Beyond, Legend of Zelda, Spider-Man). In the process, I added the Forwards section, something I had wanted to do for a while. Each section had a picture (drawn by me) added to it. Also included was this "About Me" essay that you're reading right now.

Through coincidence and fate, the new organization was implimented on the one-year anniversary of this website.

I also have a deep love of anime (Japanese cartoons, in case you don't know). I'm not sure exactly when it developed, since it was sort of a gradual process, but I'd probably place it during my last couple years of high school. My favorite animes are Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun (which has an even better manga), and Yu-Gi-Oh, though I also enjoy Cowboy Bebop, Case Closed (a.k.a. Detective Conan), Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Big O, and others. I am also gradually learning a little Japanese from what I'm watching, though my vocabulary doesn't extend beyond a couple nouns and personal references (e.g. I, you, etc.).

Though college brings the fact that I'll have to start thinking about jobs eventually, I hope to continue writing fanfiction as long as I have the time and ideas to do so.

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