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Batman Beyond
How I Met the Tomorrow Knight

I remember when I saw the first commercial for Batman Beyond. I hated it. Looking back, I know that it was entirely the commercial's fault. For some odd reason, whoever created that commercial decided to use all the scenes where Terry says something like "No thanks, having too much fun" or "This is unbearably cool". It made Terry seem like some stupid kid who didn't deserve the mantle of the Bat. Still, at that time I had just gotten heavily into the Batman animated stuff and I figured I'd give it a try.

Boy, did that first episode change my mind! Yeah, Terry was a bit of a problem child, but he was also very noble, good-intentioned, and completely worthy of being Batman. From that point on, I religiously followed Batman Beyond until it ended three seasons later.

I have since tried to tape every episode of the series (the only show I have attempted to do that with) when it ran on Cartoon Network a while back. This was mainly for the sake of fanfic research, in order to have something to use for specific information or just a general feel. I currently have every episode in order up through Curse of Kobra: Part I. Only four episodes I don't have recorded! I also don't have the Batman guest-star on the Zeta series, which was pretty good. And there's a Static Shock episode coming up?

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