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Behind the Story

started: October 14, 2002
ended: October 30, 2003

The idea for this story popped into my head right after I finished watching "A Touch of Curare". It just seemed so logical for Curare to ask for Batman's help. Then I saw "Final Cut". I was sadly disappointed. Not only was it the storyline I didn't want, it wasn't a very good storyline. So, I determined that I must write a good return of Curare story. I also wanted to express my interpretation of Curare's character and past.

Every aspect of Curare's past was created by me. The only thing I'm not sure about is exactly where Curare is from. I originally had Africa in mind for some reason, but I suppose she's probably from around the Arabic region.

Mikael is an alteration of the name "Michael". I think it sounds kinda Russian, but I also have no idea what nationality Mikael is. Does anyone have any ideas of a good country for Mikael?

Before I started on this story, I knew that it would be the darkest story I'd written yet. It probably wouldn't even be considered for an episode, because of the high body count. I also started delving into bigger descriptions of the environment and people's thoughts.

On a whole, I'm actually not the most satisfied with the story. At times, it felt like I was forcing the characters too much to do what I wanted. I also don't think it was planned out the best. Maybe I was just spoiled by all the good comments I got for "Batman." However, I like several parts of it and I think it turned out pretty good. Maybe someday I'll come back and re-write it.

Is there anything else you wanted to know about that story? E-mail me at cere_8@hotmail.com

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