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False Realm
Behind the Story

started: December 11, 2000
finished: December 21, 2000

I got a review on fanfiction.net that commented on a lack of sub plot. My first thought was, "Sub plot? What's that?" You see, I had never consciously put one in. I just wrote the story how I felt it should go. Now I spend a little more attention to the possible sub plots.

However, this story was not meant to have one. The whole thing is a short affair. All I wanted to do was have Batman face an interesting predicament. I had to do a bit of thinking myself to come up with the solution, but in the end, Spellbinder is foiled again.

There was an alternate way that Batman would find out he was in a VR world. I had the idea that he would hear an explosion and rush to see that a party had been blown up by a bomb. Among the faces of those dead, he would find Terry's. This makes him realize that he must be in a VR world because Spellbinder doesn't know Terry is Batman and made that mistake. However, I scrapped that idea for another one.


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