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Behind the Story

started: late August 2001
finished: October 9, 2001

This story originated from a brainstorming session to think of interesting Batman villains. One idea I had was of a person who dressed exactly like the old Batman. I logged that idea away and took it back out after finishing "Trigger". That made this the first story of mine to have an original bad guy.

The story was originally only going to be two parts long, and just a portrayal of an interesting bad guy. After I finished the first part and posted it on fanfiction.net, I got an enormous amount of praise for it. I had tons of people telling me how good it was and to finish it soon. Therefore, I decided to expand the story a little and extend it to three parts.

The main expansion came from the addition of Kobra. They were not originally involved in the story, but one day when I was taking a walk outside, I was thinking about the story and the question ran through my mind of where Mullins got his DNA changing equipment. Kobra popped into my head and I knew instantly that it was a good idea. It would be a wonderful way to bring the Batmen (I love that word) together at the end.

This story is the first story that I've extensively planned out. I spent many days trying to work out events so everything would fit. Normally I just work off a rough plan of events, but this time I figured out how every single scene would go. It was very stressful at times. There were several instances when I'd run into something contradictory or false. For example, I was originally going to have the DNA sample collected in the Batcave identify who the look-alike was, but then I realized that he had changed his DNA drastically and it wouldn't match up anymore. So, I had to come up with a different way for Batman to figure out the look-alike's identity. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

Interesting fact: the name "genetic recombinator" was borrowed from the Spider-man TV show.

Another interesting thing to note is that I read on a website about a Batman Beyond comic book where Terry fought the old Batman! I'm not sure of the details, but I think it was just Wayne donning the old costume to fight Terry (for whatever reason). I'm going to try and find that comic sometime to see just what happened and any similarities to mine.

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