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All Things Hidden and Unseen
Behind the Story

started: October 25, 2000
finished: November 28, 2000

This story started with me wondering if Blight could figure out Batman's identity. I followed the line of thinking presented in the story and realized that it was possible. I had also had the idea of Blight mutating Inque, so I decided to combine the ideas into this story.

The title was a spontaneous inspiration. I debated whether of not to use it (an alternate title was "Unmasked", which was eventually used as a real episode title anyway), because I thought it was too long. I liked how the cartoon series had short titles, and I wanted to do the same thing. However, I decided to use this title, because it described so many aspects of the story. Plus, it sounded cool.

When I finished the story, I already had ideas for the two continuations: one about Blight ("Fallout"), and the other involving Inque's remains (yet to be written).


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